Gargoyles Remastered is taking flight this October


The 1990s, ah. A period characterized by grunge, dial-up internet, and the emergence of stone gargoyles? Yes, if you enjoyed the cult classic animated series Gargoyles in the 1990s, you’re going to love this. The upcoming Gargoyles Remastered promises to see Goliath and his gang taking flight once more.

Disney released a surprise last year at D23 Expo: a remaster of the iconic Sega Genesis game based on the cherished cartoon. The wait is almost over now, though. for October 19, Gargoyles Remastered will be available for $14.99 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam.

The game is a reimagining of the beloved 1995 16-bit side-scrolling platformer. In order to defeat the wicked Eye of Odin in the streets of New York, players will recreate the epic quest of Goliath and the Gargoyles.

Improved graphics, animations, and sound effects—all influenced by the critically popular animated series—are promised in the upgraded edition. Additionally, there is a way to switch between the modern graphics and the vintage 16-bit images for those who are experiencing nostalgia.

Modern additions to Gargoyles Remastered will include a remastered soundtrack, achievements, and gameplay rewinds. Additionally, there is a wide-screen display and an instant rewind capability for those who want to go back in time. In addition, the game’s original music has been remastered, guaranteeing that it sounds as amazing as it looks.

Now, Limited Run Games is offering tangible versions of the game for the game collectors out there. The Standard Edition costs $34.99, the Classic Edition costs $69.99, and the Collector’s Edition, priced at $174.99, is reserved for ardent enthusiasts. A limited edition Goliath action figure, a poster, an enamel pin, a certificate of authenticity, and a VHS-style clamshell container are all included in the Collector’s Edition.

Next month, Gargoyles Remastered will be released; will you be purchasing it? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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