Forza Motorsport will be framerate locked in multiplayer modes

Another first-party Microsoft game will debut with fixed frame rates. however solely for its multiplayer mode this time.

Turn 10 Studios made a controversial decision to add frame rate limits to multiplayer races.

In a recent blog post, Turn 10 Studios provided players with additional information about Forza Motorsport, which will be available in October for PC and Xbox Series X/S.The development team released the PC system requirements and provided important information regarding the future racing simulator’s gameplay. The fact that only single-player races on PC will have unlocked framerates caught my attention in the blog article.

According to Turn 10’s statement, “framerates are locked to 60FPS in multiplayer to ensure a consistent and competitive online racing experience for all players across a variety of PC hardware configurations and the Xbox Series X|S consoles.” Please be aware that the home screen and menu navigation will by default be locked at 30 frames per second when Forza Motorsport is first launched on a computer. This can be changed in the video options menu.

The framerate limitation is probably in place to provide a level playing field for racers on various platforms, particularly those using Xbox Series S consoles, which have a 60 FPS maximum in every mode. Even though it only supports 1080p resolution, the Series S is said to run continuously at 60 frames per second. So, the only advantage of using a Series X console or high-end gaming PC will be the better resolution.

According to the studio, the frame rate lock will ensure an even playing field in multiplayer matches.

The decision by Turn 10 and Playground Games to restrict the framerates in multiplayer modes has infuriated users on the PC Gaming subreddit. Some users believe that the Series S cannot even maintain 60 FPS, necessitating the restriction of frame rates.

“Forza MP is always a lag and ram-fest,” said user Ciri-LOVES-Geralt. “It isn’t competitive at all. Therefore, are they also banning those who are unable to hit 60FPS in order to “ensure a consistent and competitive online racing experience”?

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Some players think the game’s physics engine is malfunctioning. The Forza series employs the ForzaTech game engine, and videos describing the inconsistent physics in Forza Horizon 5 have been making the rounds on the internet.

Reddit users suspect that the ForzaTech engine becomes inconsistent with varying framerates.

Given the recent reaction that both Redfall and Starfield had when it was announced that the titles will be locked at 30 FPS, the frame rate restriction does not augur well for the future game. Many gamers believe that the maximum frame rate for shooters should be 60. Speaking of competitive gameplay, we are unable to come up with any multiplayer arena or battle royale shooters that set frame rate restrictions in order to provide an even playing field for players. Online races in racing games like Gran Turismo 7 do not have frame rate caps, but matchmaking is implemented based on latency, which, in our opinion, has a considerably greater impact on the game during competitive races.

Split-screen multiplayer mode will not be included in Forza Motorsport when it launches in October. The racing simulator won’t have AI racers or spectator mode, either. Split-screen implementation is challenging, according to the studio, which may be akin to the problem Larian Studios ran across with Baldur’s Gate 3.

On October 10, 2023, Forza Motorsport will launch on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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