Forza Motorsport review embargo could lift soon ahead of October launch

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This year, Microsoft is stepping it up with its Forza Motorsport relaunch, which aims to take the Xbox Series S/X and the PC by storm come October 10. You’re in for a treat, though, if you’re worried that you’ll have to wait to unleash your power.

Forza Motorsport might not be getting as much hype as Starfield but don’t be surprised if just as many people end up playing at it at launch.

On the way to the game’s official launch, there will be a pit break where a few chosen content creators will be able to take to the virtual wheel as early as September 11. The fact that Turn 10 Studios has placed an embargo on early hands-on previews is a clear indication of their confidence in the technology.

New video from Gamescom 2023 should calm down any doubters among you who are biting your nails about the Game Pass debut on October 10. The game seems to be becoming into the racing simulation equivalent of Michael Schumacher. But hold on, there’s more available. Colt Eastwood, a well-known Xbox gamer and content creator, stated that, more than a month before the game’s formal release, he has already been playing Forza Motorsport. It’s like having the opportunity to drive the Ferrari even before you have paid the down payment.

Giving enthusiasts like Eastwood early access to games, one may argue, could backfire. After all, we still recall how, despite the enthusiastic support of Xbox devotees, the once-hyped Redfall failed to exactly blow everyone away. Criticism isn’t limited to games; it frequently becomes individualized. Xbox enthusiasts frequently exhibit a level of devotion that verges on fanaticism, to the point that it comes across as, as the younger generation would say, “cringey.”

The Xbox exclusives suffer from being overhyped due to the dubious maturity and integrity of certain content creators who make bold claims about games that are ostensibly contenders for Game of the Year.

Even while these critiques are a part of the narrative, the larger picture here shouldn’t be overlooked. These recent studio purchases by Xbox will soon begin to yield results after the company spent the previous few years looking for them.

The last time that a Forza game was released, it set a new record for concurrent players on the Game Pass.

Despite the setback with Redfall, Xbox hopes to take the lead in the next years with these releases. If the excitement surrounding Forza Motorsport materializes into a deep and seamless experience as the teases indicate, Xbox will have added another unique gem to its collection: a rare back-to-back victory for Xbox following the release of Starfield on September 6.

Once Super Mario Bros. and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom were released, Nintendo might easily win the fictitious title of having the finest exclusive lineup of the year. Though Wondercoming, we shouldn’t write off Xbox from the race just yet. They’re aiming for a record-breaking year in gaming and have their foot firmly planted. Yes, there have been some hiccups along the way, but keep in mind that even a Ferrari occasionally needs to be tuned up.

In the end, the early access to Forza Motorsport indicates more than just a pre-release advertising campaign. They represent Microsoft’s reaffirmed commitment to providing excellent exclusive games. It’s a wager that the upcoming titles will demonstrate Xbox’s true potential rather than serving as quick fixes or placeholders.

Forza Motorsport ditches the numbers in what seems to be a “reboot” of the franchise.

Both fans and critics are eager to discover if the months of suspense will be worthwhile when it comes to the racing experience offered by the game.

So fasten your seatbelts, because Forza Motorsport’s review embargo might end any moment, regardless of your stance as an Xbox devotee, casual player, or doubtful critic.

By then, we’ll know how committed Xbox is to pushing hard and trying to outperform its rivals.

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