Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusive to PC and Xbox

Elder Scrolls 6 may be skipping the PlayStation.

Elder Scrolls 6 may be skipping the PlayStation.

The amount of documents arising from the FTC v. Microsoft trial appears to be incessant. Microsoft intends not to distribute The Elder Scrolls 6 on the PlayStation system, according to a recently disclosed document.

Players have conjectured that after Microsoft purchased Bethesda in September 2020, the sequel to Skyrim will be available only through Microsoft. This new paper essentially reaffirms what Bethesda and Microsoft have been saying since they revealed that Redfall and Starfield would only be available within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Several current and upcoming Bethesda Softworks titles are listed in the paper. Plans for the platforms the games will be released on, along with other details, are shown in the chart. The paper states that Microsoft has no plans to release any further Bethesda games on the PlayStation.

Phil Spencer’s remarks about each title’s exclusivity are included in the chart. “I want us to be able to bring the whole package of what we have in order for us to be on Xbox.” And when I consider Elder Scrolls VI, that would be accurate,” Spencer remarked in reference to the upcoming Elder Scrolls game.

Remarkably, the graphic also indicates when Elder Scrolls 6 is anticipated to debut. Microsoft states in the document that it plans to release the game “2026 or later.”During the trial, Spencer stated that while the firm hasn’t decided whether the upcoming Elder Scrolls game will be exclusive to PlayStation or not, it appears like it is significantly leaning in that direction.

When Elder Scrolls 6 launches, it will be a significant addition to Xbox Game Pass. The newest IP from Bethesda, Starfield, was published on Game Pass two weeks ago and has since become a huge hit there. Elder Scrolls 6’s exclusivity to the Xbox and PC will also aid in the sale of current-generation Xbox Series X/S consoles, which will be nearing the end of their useful lives at launch.

The Elder Scrolls has been a cross-platform game for a very long time, thus Microsoft might be losing out on income by choosing exclusivity. Since it was released on the PlayStation, Skyrim has developed a sizable fan base on the Nintendo Switch. It might be a different approach to release the game on Xbox Game Pass and charge users $70 for the PlayStation and Switch versions.

Bethesda's Todd Howard recently talked about Starfield's exclusivity, saying it was good for the game.
Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently talked about Starfield’s exclusivity, saying it was good for the game.

Recently, Todd Howard stated that Elder Scrolls 6 would be his last game in the series. Additionally, the game director revealed that the next title will be the “ultimate fantasy simulator.”Additionally, Howard discussed how exclusivity benefits game makers because it reduces their attention to a single platform.

Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be available for a time, and things could change in the meanwhile. Microsoft could change its mind about the exclusivity plans and release Starfield on all platforms if it doesn’t ultimately result in a large boost in Game Pass memberships and console sales. We’ll be watching for any formal word from Microsoft on Elder Scrolls 6’s exclusivity.

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