EA Sports unveils the first gameplay trailer for UFC 5

UFC 5 is headed to consoles and PC next month.

UFC 5 is headed to consoles and PC next month.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become one of the most well-liked sports in the globe in recent years. As a result, it has its own video game series under EA Sports, much like other well-known sports like football and basketball.

To great critical and financial acclaim, EA Sports launched the first UFC video game in 2014 under the name EA Sports UFC. The fifth game in the series is scheduled for release by the video game business nine years from now. The firm has released a new trailer for the game ahead of its debut next month, giving us a sneak peek at how it plays.

Daniel Cormier, a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, and lead producer Nate McDonald provide the opening voices in the four-minute trailer. Throughout the trailer, their voices accompany us and guide us through the happenings. Additionally, we get to witness some of the game’s updated features, including better mechanics, realistic damage systems, and improved aesthetics.

Every move in UFC 5 will have a corresponding reaction, making it incredibly genuine and realistic. For instance, you will naturally witness cuts and/or blood after delivering a forceful punch or kick to your opponent’s face during a game session.

Additionally, UFC 5 will witness our characters acting more kindly than in the past. Some of them wince when struck, just like their real-life human counterparts would in the film. And moreover? As opposed to earlier iterations of the game, an injury to a bodily component prevents you from using it for either attack or defense.

In addition to improving gameplay, UFC 5 does a fantastic job at capturing the characters’ physical attributes. Everything about the warriors’ body, including their hair, clothes, and tattoos, is incredibly realistic and precise in the animation.

Additionally, a brand-new option called the Online Career mode is included in UFC 5. Players can create a character, engage in combat, and advance their career much like actual UFC fighters do with the help of the online Career Mode. Your character will be able to advance up the ranks and compete for titles in several divisions if you do this.

UFC 5 has improved in many aspects over the past three years.
UFC 5 has improved in many aspects over the past three years.

Additionally, there will be additional options for UFC 5 to halt a match without jeopardizing its integrity. With this update, referees will be able to break up a fight and make sure an opponent who has fallen doesn’t get additional injuries while lying on the ground. Referees will also stop fights to evaluate serious injuries.

In light of this, the referee has the authority to break up a fight in order to shield a defeated fighter from being injured while lying on the ground. In addition, if a player sustains a serious injury, the referee now has the option to stop the fight so that the player can be examined.

Some of your combat footage will be available for you to rewatch in extremely slow motion. These are the bruises on your flesh, blood spurts, and your concluding blows. Because of how violent it is, UFC 5 is rated M. This isn’t like other UFC matches, which are usually suitable for the whole family.

There will be two versions of EA Sports UFC 5: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. A few extras will be available with the Deluxe Edition, like as access to Bruce Lee’s package, Feder Emelianeko, and Mike Tyson, among others.

Three days before to the game’s general release on October 27, you can place a pre-order starting on October 24. The Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation X will all be able to play the game.

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