Dune: Spice Wars finally gets a release window

Fans will receive additional media content this year in addition to Dune: Part Two. Shiro Games’ real-time strategy game is finally getting set to leave early access.

Dune: Spice Wars is ending early access next month.

Dune: Spice Wars is ending early access next month.

Funcom unveiled Dune: Spice Wars, its first grand strategy game, two years ago. In April 2022, the PC early access version of the game was made available. Dune: Spice Wars is now prepared for a full release, and Funcom just revealed that the early access period will come to an end next month with a new teaser film.

Although the developers have not yet provided a precise release date, we are expected to learn about it very soon. It’s quite improbable that the game will receive a full release during the first few days of September, which is just one week away. If Funcom intends to release the game within the next month or so, a release date will probably be disclosed soon.

When Dune: Spice Wars was still in early access, it earned a lot of favorable reviews. The game’s emphasis on resource management, which is essential to the Dune narrative, has been praised by critics. The battle system and the accurate replication of the source material are also pleasing to the players. Gamers have, however, noted that the early access game’s mid-game is rather quiet and that plot narratives are absent.

Early in August, Shiro Games made the announcement that Dune: Spice Wars Version 1.0 was currently being worked on. The developers have promised early-access users that they will receive what they paid for when the complete game is released.

With the 1.0 release swiftly approaching, Shiro Games stated, “Our attention is firmly focused on ensuring we can deliver on the promises we’ve made throughout the course of Early Access and that we’re able to meet the expectations of our players, both quantity and quality-wise.”

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It has been a very busy time for everyone in the studio, and we can’t wait to share with you all the outcomes of our work. Currently, we’re working on the 1.0 update, in which we will be adding new content to existing modes, bringing a new faction to the game, adding additional tutorials, overhauling and balancing existing systems and resource management, optimizing the game, and more.

The upcoming 4X RTS received generally positive reviews during the early access period.

Fans received a sneak peek from the developers on what to anticipate from the game’s official release. Soon after the release, gamers may anticipate a free update, according to Shiro Games. Additionally, the developers guaranteed that the game would receive additional upgrades soon.

Therefore, in the near future, “our plan is to release the Heroes of Dune update shortly after the game’s launch, giving us the time to ensure that it receives the time and attention it deserves, especially given the amount of anticipation it has generated since we announced it way back when the game first launched into Early Access.”

We hope to have more concrete information on Dune: Spice Wars’ future beyond the heroes update very soon, as this is anticipated to be one of the game’s first significant free updates after launch. “Spectator mode is a key addition we’re working out as we speak,” say the developers.

With Dune: Awakening, Funcom is developing a survival MMORPG set in the Dune universe. As of this writing, a release date for the future online multiplayer game is not yet known.

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