Doom Eternal developer id Software is reportedly working on id Tech 8 engine


Since 2020, id Software has maintained a quiet profile, but there seems to be a good reason for this. The American game company is reportedly aggressively working on creating a new id Tech engine, according to recent rumors.

A LinkedIn profile of Philip Hammer, a principal engine programmer at id Software, suggested that the studio had already started work on id Tech 8, according to astute Twitter user @bogorad222. Several watchful users were able to take screenshots before the original message and this reference disappeared into the digital ether, even if they were quickly deleted out.


Just in case you’re not familiar with this specific subject, let’s quickly review. Some of the most beloved video games ever created have been driven by the id Tech line of game engines. id Software has continuously pushed the limits of what is possible in terms of gaming graphics and performance, beginning with the original Doom engine, which produced classics like Doom II and Doom 64, and continuing with the more recent id Tech 7, which powered the aesthetically stunning Doom Eternal.

What then is the big deal about id Tech 8? If past events provide any indication, ID Tech engines are truly revolutionary.Bethesda even included elements of id Tech into Creation Engine 2, which was essential in improving the visuals in Starfield. However, everything beautiful has a dark side.

Recall the mess that was caused by Mass Effect: Andromeda. The RPG game was developed on EA’s DICEFORTBITE 3 engine, which is different from the Unreal Engine 3 base used in the previous games in the series. This change compelled BioWare to create all of its assets, systems, and tools from scratch, which presented numerous development difficulties.

When Dragon Age: Inquisition moved from the Eclipse Engine, a similar tale was told. The takeaway from this is that although internally created engines are strong, they frequently have a high learning curve that many developers find difficult to climb.

On to id software, though. The expectation is strong because Doom Eternal is about to turn four years old and the studio has a history of sharing its engine with other creators. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said in 2021 that Xbox Game Studios would adopt id Tech engines, saying,

The other thing that we haven’t really talked about is the future of id Tech and what could that mean inside of Xbox. Obviously, you know, we’ve got a ton of studios doing a bunch of different work. I love the way Marty Stratton [Doom Eternal director] talked about how they’ve collaborated with our Bethesda studios on id Tech and I just think about that to the next level. Like, what can we do inside of our organization with id Tech, which is one of the world’s best game engines out there, and just make it a tool that so many developers can use to realize their vision.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood was developed using id Tech 6 engine.

As of this writing, there has been no formal announcement that a new game using the current id Tech 7 proprietary game engine is being developed. But rumors have it that MachineGames’ upcoming game—possibly a new chapter in the Wolfenstein series—might be the first to fully utilize id Tech 8.

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