Did Hidetaka Miyazaki just confirm Elden Ring 2?

With AAA releases like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4, and equally enormous heavy hitters like Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy 16, and Resident Evil 4, this year has unquestionably been one of the best in gaming history. It’s simple to overlook the release of one of the most celebrated video games of all time, Elden Ring, given that titles like Starfield and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are still coming out this year. Players were fascinated by the game’s open world, which was created by the game’s makers, FromSoftware, and featured rich narrative written by none other than George R.R. Martin. If recent rumors are to be believed, other open worlds are already on the way.

Elden Ring’s roots now run so deep that FromSoftware has a franchise that it can continue building for years if not decades.

Even though most people are already aware of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and potential TV show plans, Elden Ring’s vast narrative suggests a much more extended future that might endure for years, if not decades.

The most recent rumors have been stoked by the release of Elden Ring Books of Knowledge volume 2 by Future Press. The inside highlights the significance of the Roundtable Hold for “future games” through exclusive but brief interviews with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game’s director. While the interview is still brief and the digital world waits for its complete public disclosure, Miyazaki’s intriguing clues are tough to ignore, whether he’s talking about the release of the new Elden Ring or the addition of more than one DLC to Shadow of the Erdtree.

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Elden Ring and the now-famous Dark Souls series by FromSoftware are comparable in many ways. Despite being groundbreaking, the first Dark Souls game didn’t even come close to Elden Ring’s incredible popularity. There will surely be more from the Lands Between given Bandai Namco’s prior hints at “expanding” the IP and the undeniable truth that you wouldn’t ask a writer of Martin’s caliber to generate millennia of narrative just for one game.

However, it’s crucial to avoid having too high of expectations. Since so many fans are requesting new content for a few of FromSoftware’s other properties, such as Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or Bloodborne, the upcoming DLC may be the last lore expansion for Elden Ring, at least for a while. After that, the developer will likely turn its attention to another IP. However, the sheer size and depth of Elden Ring’s environment, as felt and communicated by its sizable player base, may persuade FromSoftware to change its mind.

Given the significant investments FromSoftware has lately received, it is able to grow and hire a lot more people to keep up with demand, however this will undoubtedly raise concerns about a visible reduction in quality.

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With a handful of titles that all deserves to get a new entry sooner than later, FromSoftware finds itself in an enviable but difficult position.

Naturally, errors in translation could make this irrelevant. Miyazaki might have been referring to more downloadable content and expansions rather than full sequels, such as Shadow of the Erdtree. However, the anticipation for sequels isn’t unwarranted given Elden Ring’s astonishing 20 million unit sales within a year of its release and the recognized depth of its lore.

Elden Ring’s importance as a stand-alone game is undeniable. With a two-year production period, the expansion may either be a substantial addition that rivals the main game or a more streamlined but fulfilling experience that builds on the foundation previously established by the original game.

In either case, Shadow of the Erdtree should be more than enough to keep fans entertained—at least until the release of the next Elden Ring, which hopefully won’t happen before the current generation of consoles stops being produced.

The next year will be huge for FromSoftware with the release of Armored Core“>Armored Core 6 and Shadow of Erdtree DLC.

Elden Ring’s allure isn’t just found in its size, but also in its capacity to offer an epic story, enticing boss fights, an alluring fighting system, a great soundtrack, and the possibility of PvP. This combination helped the game establish itself as one of the best of all time.

One thing is certain, regardless of the direction FromSoftware takes: Elden Ring will go down in gaming history.

The community has its sights set on the future, anxious to discover every nook and corner of the Lands Between, regardless of whether we’re doomed for a series of sequels, a collection of massive DLCs, or both.

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