Destiny 2: How to Get Whisper of the Worm

A secret mission on Io has been keeping Destiny 2 players busy as of late. It involves Taken Blight and a secret quest into a Taken-infused prison. Toward the end, players will be tasked with a massive boss battle. However, the prize for finishing this action is more than awesome: Whisper of the Worm, the exotic sniper rifle. 

Whisper of the Worm will be a must-have sniper for any looter or strike enthusiast going ahead in Destiny 2. (We’ll clarify why beneath.) This guide will show you how to get it, how to redesign it, and what it does. 

Note: You’ll need to have a Fireteam of three players to finish this mission, despite the fact that you can actually do it solo. 


Whisper of the Worm - Thegamedial

The first thing to think about The Whisper of the Worm mission — just called The Whisper — is that it just appears to be accessible Friday through Monday morning’s 1 p.m. ET reset. You’ll have to require some end of the week time on the off chance that you need to get this mission finished. 

Head to Io’s Lost Oasis landing zone and hang tight for a Taken Blight public occasion to spawn. This could take seemingly forever, so in the event that you’re anticipating simply sticking around, you should have some exotic catalysts to cultivate kills with. 

The Taken Blight spawn will look something like this, in the upper left Image: Bungie 

When the occasion spawns — which can be any of the Taken Blight spawns on the guide, yet never the Cabal mining operations — an enormous Taken boss will show up over by the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector in the upper left of the Lost Oasis. Sometimes he’ll be on a bluff, and other times he’ll be in a small cleft. Either way, track down the boss and slaughter him. Go ahead and use your Super and weighty ammunition. You’ll likely need it. 

When the boss is dead, stay in the upper left of the guide and search for a major Taken entryway sitting on a stone. Have your Fireteam chief approach the entry and collaborate with it. This will transport the whole Fireteam into The Whisper. 

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At the point when the heap finishes, you’ll end up toward the start of the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector. However, presently you’ll be on The Whisper quest, which comes with a 20-minute clock. At the point when those 20 minutes are up, you’ll be kicked back to circle and need to hang tight for another Public Event. 

Push ahead and look to your privilege right away. Around the manner in which you came in, there is a stone edge that leads to a small hole in the divider. This is the place where you need to go. Hop up to where the chest is in case you’re a Titan or Hunter. With bouncing exotics like Lion Rampart or St0mp-EE5s, the two classes can also just leap to the cavern. Warlocks will make some harder memories, so attempt and leap to the tree and afterward up to the chest and afterward over to the cavern. 

When everybody is up, stroll advance and destroy the Taken Blight. Drop down the opening that has uncovered itself and prepare to hop. 

Run forward, hunkering through the holes that show up before you. Ultimately, you’ll go to a hole with red lights around it. Bounce between the walls and onto the stage. Follow the red lights and bounce down to the following region. Hunch to get past the opening in the divider. 

You’ll currently be in a massive room. Stick to the correct side and the red lights. Hop down the divider and watch out for the pinball levers launching to one side. On the off chance that they hit you, it’ll ruin your day and likely kill you. Follow the red lights across the room’s platforms until you hit the middle square. 

From here, there isn’t a reasonable exit. Stroll forward, past the sparkling cracks and toward the room’s left divider — which should be straightforwardly before you when you land. You’ll have to bounce around the bend here, to one side. You’ll land rapidly on a small stage. Duck and start clearing your path through the cleft, trusting that the blocks will move once more into the divider. Show restraint here and don’t rush. Take each square each in turn until you arrive at the other side. 

After the blocks, look left and bounce across the gorge to the precipice face with the spheres on it. Follow the way directly until you arrive at a small, square lift. Hop on and ride the square up to the following stage, which should be red and directly before you. Run forward along the divider and take a left hand turn into the white foyer. 

You’ll wind up in a jewel shaped passing room. This all looks a lot scarier than it really is. Bounce through on the point until you arrive at the jewel opening. Fly through into the following room, loaded up with slanted walls and explosions that push you. 

jewel shaped passing room

Bounce onto the ledges before you, trusting that their push explosion will eject prior to hitting the edge. Overlook the Taken Vandals shooting at you (possibly slaughter them out in the event that you feel seriously compromised). Hop across the room, staying away from the explosions until you arrive at the divider with the white light. The entryway will open and shut, so time your leap into the room. 

You’ll currently be staring at a lot of similar looking portals, and Xol will start speaking to you about floating. Leap to one side and embrace the divider. Disregard every one of the portals until you arrive at the finish of the correct divider. Take the top entry and drop into the room underneath. 

This room looks scary — and it will be in the Heroic version — however the solution is easy. Stroll forward until see a plunge in the floor to one side. There will be a white strobe on the divider. Hunch and stroll into the darkness until your Ghost’s flashlight turns on. Drop down and clear your path through until you’re watching out into the darkness, with a major chamber to one side. 

Bounce onto the chamber’s edge and stroll along the side. You’ll arrive at what resembles a jumping board. Look out of sight down to see the opening before you. It’s a long leap, so make certain to save your leap power until you’re close to the base. When you safely land, push ahead and squat under the high roof. Drop into the space to your entitlement to face the Taken. 



This is the place where the mission gets intense, and you should preferably still have 12-14 minutes left on your clock. You’ll have to push through four rooms and take out enemies in each. Each room must be totally cleared, albeit the Blights can be left safe. 

For this section, you’ll need a decent loadout. Solar and Void harm will be incredible here, in spite of the fact that having one person run Legend of Acrius for the Centurion’s bend shields is extraordinary as well. For Supers, Arcstrider, Sunbreaker, Dawnblade, and Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig are on the whole magnificent choices. 

In your motor, take something long reach that hits hard, similar to a pulse rifle or a scout — you’ll need something similar with either solar or void in your energy. The Polaris Lance exotic scout is really incredible here, in the event that you have it. 

For a force, Legend of Acrius or an alternate shotgun can be extraordinary for the first rooms, however should be swapped for a more drawn out range weapon eventually. D.A.R.C.I. is ideal for the boss room, as is Sleeper Simulant or some other long-range weighty. 

Get out the Taken in the first room, being mindful so as to focus on the Fallen Vandals and the Goblins around the room. When everything is dead, a Taken circle will show up on the secondary passage. Destroy it and push ahead. This next room just has a couple of enemies however is exceptionally dense. Save your supers and attempt to use grenades and force ammunition here to take out the skirmish enemies. 

The third room is the hardest outside of the bosses. There are Taken hobgoblins at the rear of the room, three Taken knights, and three Taken wizards. There are two or three Acolytes as well. It’s best to specialize, and have someone with a specific essential weapon or subclass focus on each. The wizards and acolytes are void, while the knights are solar. 

Clear the room and move into the last territory. There is an intermission here that pits you against a lot of Taken hobgoblins and bondage. There will also be two Taken Phalanx that come at you from behind. Execute everything with scouts and destroy the Blight covering the opening. Drop down. 

This is the last field. First, get out all the Taken Blight with the exception of the one in the exceptionally back of the room, where the bosses are skimming. Then, you’ll need to execute the Centurions around the room. In the event that you have Legend of Acrius, this is an ideal opportunity to use it. Arcstrider can also be extraordinary here. When the Centurions are down, the bosses will populate the field, as well as a huge load of adds. 

To slaughter the bosses, hang out toward the rear of the room, where you first dropped down. Use scout rifles and snipers to hit every one of the bosses in the head until each of the three are dead. You should have the option to do this on schedule. 

When each of the three bosses are dead, you’ll get the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle. 


The Whisper of the Worm is an Exotic sniper rifle with some truly desirable perks. The intrinsic advantage, White Nail, causes precision hits to bargain bonus harm. Stunningly better, hitting three precision shots straight will top off the magazine for nothing, producing its own ammunition until you start missing shots. For the precise player, Whisper of the Worm is a must have. 


Destiny 2- Thegamedial

Whenever you’ve gotten your Whisper of the Worm, the mission will return on Io as selectable from the guide screen. This version of The Whisper will be Heroic. In addition to the fact that it has covered up chests to discover, yet it’ll also allow you the Whisper of the Worm exotic catalyst when you complete it. This version of the mission is the same, strategy wise. In any case, the enemies are a lot harder. 

When you unlock the catalyst, you’ll still have to redesign it by running the mission every week and gathering chests. At the point when it’s


This concludes our whisper of the worm guide and we hope you loved it. If you were having an issue in getting whisper of the worm in destiny 2 then it should be solved for you now. Do let us know your views about the guide in the comments section down below.

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