Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Review Round-Up

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is a much more star-studded affair with Idris Elba lending his talents.

Cyberpunk 2077’s turbulent voyage will formally come to a head when Phantom Liberty, a limited-edition expansion that many see as the game’s swan song, launches.

Phantom Liberty has received praise for its thrilling spy-thriller adventure, which deviates from the story of the original base game but is skillfully integrated. It is full of compelling narratives and engrossing gameplay.

Phantom Liberty, which takes place in the vast Night City, crafts a moving story around the mysterious Songbird, who gives V, the game’s main character, a new task: saving the President of the New United States. The centerpiece of a huge story of betrayal, trust, and espionage is the president’s plane, which is deliberately malfunctioning and crashes in the infamous Dogtown neighborhood. Players must negotiate a labyrinth of interwoven allegiances and ambiguous motivations throughout the expansion.

If you ever needed another reason to check out Phantom Liberty, this is it.

The story revolves around the intriguing bond between Songbird and Solomon Reed, a sleeper spy played masterfully by Idris Elba. Along with V, they expose shocking Night City secrets while casting doubt on morality and trust itself. This complex story, which is evocative of classic spy thrillers like Mission Impossible, is full of surprising turns, exciting set pieces, and poignant moments. In the midst of the suspenseful high stakes action, characters face their painful pasts and make choices that alter the course of events and cast doubt on the idea of self-redemption.

Even though Elba isn’t interested in playing James Bond anytime soon, it may be only fair that he plays the part in Phantom Liberty given that his name has been pulled into the running for the job.

Phantom Liberty, although being a cyberpunk story, embraces the darker aspects of the genre, presenting a dismal image of a civilization on the verge of anarchy. There are several reflective moments throughout the protagonist’s journey, mostly as a result of their interactions with Johnny Silverhand, which make them both consider their moral compass and past deeds.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty helps set a positive tone for the rest of CD Projekt RED’s lineup.

The militaristic Dogtown neighborhood of Night City serves as a setting that contrasts modernism with abandonment. In addition to an action-packed espionage adventure, players may enjoy a visual narrative as the formerly prosperous region has transformed into an intimidating fortress of misery. Phantom Liberty’s design, with its assortment of mission types, compelling stories, and alluring characters, exemplifies Cyberpunk 2077’s promise.

This is a summary of the ratings that critics gave Phantom Liberty so you can learn more about what they thought of it:

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is easily one of the best expansions to be released in recent years.

With the introduction of Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 update, Cyberpunk 2077 is brought back to life, improving the RPG aspects that fans cherished while also addressing the shortcomings of its predecessor.

As you can see, CD Projekt Red has put a great deal of work into perfecting and optimizing the game, as evidenced by the extremely excellent early reviews of the expansion. The reimagined Night City offers more intricate and dynamic scene details, thrilling confrontations, and improved role-playing mechanisms.

However, no game is perfect. A few detractors brought up small UI problems, sporadic frame rate decreases, and glitches. However, the expansion’s overall excellence surpassed shortcomings.

As the expansion progresses, players are presented with numerous options that might lead to different outcomes, making every game unique. As Mike Pondsmith once said, “Cyberpunk isn’t about saving humanity; it’s about saving yourself.” the story places a strong emphasis on self-redemption.

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