How to Free Up Storage by Clearing Cache on Your iPhone?

In your mobile browser, how many tabs are open at the moment? Feel free to investigate; you may be taken aback by what you discover.

Americans use their smartphones for more than five hours per day. That’s more than five hours that your phone might be using to access, retrieve, and store cookies and cache, which could be bad for the storage capacity of your iPhone.

What is a cache?

The term “cache” refers to the temporary storing of some data, such as portions of a website from your most recent visit. When you visit a website, your phone may keep content from that page in a browser cache, which makes the page load faster when you view it later.

Since cache data uses up storage space on your phone, it’s a good idea to periodically wipe it away to avoid having your phone browse less quickly.

How to clear the cache on an iPhone?

The iPhone’s settings app contains all the necessary tools to clear the browser cache, so all you’ll need is your iPhone to do this task.

clear cache on iphone
  • Important: Cleaning the cache may remove private information while closing all current tabs in Safari. This means that you will probably be logged out of any websites and prompted to log in again the next time you visit them.
  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • To clear the cached data from Safari, you will need to go to the iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Settings on an iPhone
  • Press Settings to start cleaning the iPhone’s cache.
  • From the selection, choose Safari.
  • To pick Safari, press on it after it appears in Settings by scrolling down.
  • Look for the Clear History and Website Data button.
  • You may delete the app cache by navigating through the Safari settings and finding the Clear History and Website Data button. Press it to begin deleting the browser’s cache.
  • Verify your desire to delete the browser’s cache.
  • A confirmation pop-up will show up; click Clear History and Data to confirm that you wish to remove your browsing history from Safari.
  • Once verified, your iPhone’s browser cache and Safari cookies are removed, but your autofill data should remain on the device. In addition, any websites you were previously signed into will be closed, and cached pictures and browser history will be removed.

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How can I restore my iPhone’s app cache?

clear cache on iphone

You can try to clear the cache from within the app, unload the program, or uninstall and reinstall it in order to clear the app cache via your iPhone Settings app. Regretfully, you cannot remove the cache of individual apps on iOS because all of them lack uniform settings.

For example, you can clear the cache in the settings of apps like CapCut and TikTok. Users can remove their browser history from Amazon, and their local history can be cleared using the Reddit app. It all depends on what the user can do with the app’s settings.

Is clearing the cache the same as offloading?

Not quite, though offloading may be beneficial if low storage is slowing down your phone. A program can be offloaded to remove it without erasing any related files or data.

To deactivate an app, navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, locate the app you want to deactivate, and then click Offload App. Simply continue where you left off on that app if you decide to download it again in the future.

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Can I block cookies on my iPhone?

Safari allows you to block cookies, though opinions on whether this is a good idea are split. Completely blocking cookies prevents websites from collecting information about you, but it also may prevent certain websites from functioning properly on your browser. Cookies are useful for many users because they provide a more tailored surfing experience.

The steps below can be used to block cookies in Safari:

clear cache on iphone

  • Select Safari from the Settings menu.
  • Next to “Block All Cookies,” tap the toggle.
  • In Google Chrome, third-party extensions like Ghostery and Disconnect can also assist you in blocking cookies and trackers.

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