Check out Starfield’s official song from Imagine Dragons

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Many industry insiders in the gaming industry think Starfield spent more than $200 million on Bethesda. We can all agree that this undertaking wasn’t inexpensive, even though the precise sum may never be known—especially in light of the most recent information on the creation of the space RPG’s official theme music.


The official Starfield song, “Children of the Sky (a Starfield song),” was produced by Bethesda Softworks in collaboration with the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons and is accessible on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major streaming services.

This song seems like a tribute to the Bethesda team’s tireless work, which they put forth in creating the vast open-world game. Additionally, it strikes a chord as a tribute to the horde of fans who supported the studio throughout the ten-year process of creating the much awaited game.

Here is an example of the chorus’s lyrics:

We’re Children of the Sky
Flying up so high
Let me be that one
To find the brightest sun
We’re Children of the Sky
Guided by the light
Let me reach new heights
Stars amongst the night
We’re Children of the Sky

The lead singer of the band, Dan Reynolds, confirmed that Imagine Dragons are major fans of Bethesda games when he talked about the song and said, “The song, like the game, addresses some of the most challenging questions we confront as humans attempting to understand our place in the universe. We are honored to have worked with Bethesda to develop this song for Starfield because they made some of the classic video games we have played for the most of our life.

Collaborations between well-known artists and game creators are nothing new. David Bowie wrote the theme tune for Quantic Dream’s adventure game The Nomad Soul in the 1990s, which might surprise some gamers and even followers of the legendary English musician.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, contributed to Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s soundtrack but his work was not acknowledged because he left the project before it was finished. More recently, Destiny, a first-person shooter from Bungie, received help from renowned Beatles member Paul McCartney, who composed the song “Hope for the Future.”

‘Children of the Sky’ may not quite measure up to Imagine Dragons’ other song, ‘Enemy,’ which was composed for the League of Legends animated series Arcane, but it does raise interest in the impending release of Starfield. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of reviews and spoilers that will appear online over the coming weeks now that the review embargo has been released.

On Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam, you can begin preloading the game if you want to start playing as soon as it opens on September 5. However, for the latter, you may want to free up at least 140GB of disk space.

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