Capcom drops launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

Ada Wong’s presence in the Resident Evil franchise has been sorely missed.

Although many people consider the original Resident Evil 4 to be among the greatest games ever made, the latest remake exposed a glaring omission: Ada Wong’s storyline, Separate Ways. Or, at any rate, it was the initial impression that I got.

Separate Ways is finally making its way to Resident Evil 4 as DLC to bridge a gap in the game’s story, after several months and a datamining leak.

The debut trailer for Separate Ways, which will soon be released, featured Ada Wong pulling off stunts that even the greatest Leon S. Kennedy could never have imagined pulling off, such negotiating a narrow hallway full of deadly surveillance lasers and fighting off enemies while riding in a cable car. Additionally, the teaser teases a number of crucial plot turns, including Ada’s possible infection with the Plaga virus. Furthermore, Ada’s journey throughout the game has a confrontation with Ram n Salazar’s second Verdugo, implying that it will continue to pursue her throughout the narrative. While fans are excited to see familiar bosses return, a clawed hand that appears in the clip is stoking fan intrigue. Could this mean that U-3, an opponent who was only mentioned in passing in the Resident Evil 4 remake, is making a comeback?

The fact that Ada Wong is more than just a feminine Leon S. Kennedy is what matters most. Ada’s gameplay mechanics are as distinctive as they are compelling, expounding upon the contrast between Claire Redfield and Leon’s methods in the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 game. Her grappling hook pistol, the Hookshot, is especially noteworthy since it promises both tactical combat advantage and navigational utility. In the trailer, Ada can also be seen using her hookshot to take down a cultist and, in another scene, bridging the gap with an armadura before landing a spectacular roundhouse kick.

Enthusiasts of the first game may remember the Separate Ways campaign, which offered a different perspective on the events of Resident Evil 4. It’s evident that Ada plays the part of the archetypal powerhouse, emulating Leon’s skill in deflecting a chainsaw with just a knife. The DLC promises a unique gaming experience even for the most experienced gamers by introducing new paths and encounters while returning some well-known areas.

Notwithstanding the subtleties of the narrative, Capcom has given Ada’s story the same respect as the main game. The gameplay of this story strand is a flawless development from the main game, as the newly published trailer made clear. Ada may occasionally join Leon in her quest, but she is largely motivated by Albert Wesker to complete her own purpose. However, in keeping with her mysterious personality, Ada doesn’t always follow the rules.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything to play as Ada Wong or Albert Wesker in the Mercenaries Mode.

Ada’s perspective will bring certain narrative complexities that are essential to completely comprehending the main plot. To offer a fresh experience, this post-launch extension aims to preserve this essence while adding new environments and battle techniques. Experienced players will find that the blend of well-known and novel game elements keeps even the most played scenarios feeling fresh.

Everyone was excited when this DLC was announced at Sony’s most recent State of Play event. The redesign of the frequently ported Resident Evil game was well praised for all of its improvements, from gameplay mechanics to graphics. However, the addition of Separate Ways will at last satisfy the fans’ desire for a comprehensive story experience.

Starting on September 21, Resident Evil 4’s Separate Ways expansion pack will be available for $9.99 on a number of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. Additionally, a free update to the Mercenaries Mode will be included with the next expansion, adding playable characters Ada Wong and Albert Wesker.

Albert Wesker, much like Ada Wong, needs to re-appear in future Resident Evil titles.

In addition to paying homage to ardent fans, Capcom’s decision to bring back the Separate Ways plotline indicates their dedication to providing a thorough gaming experience. Resident Evil 4 is still the benchmark for horror games, and this addition should further strengthen its legacy.

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