Call of Duty designer David Vonderhaar has resigned from Treyarch

Call of Duty experienced a huge week with the release of Modern Warfare 3. The departure from Activision of one of the series’ longtime developers, though, put a downer on the week’s events.

David Vonderhaar is leaving Treyarch“>Treyarch to work on an undisclosed project.

David Vonderhaar, a seasoned Call of Duty designer, announced his departure from Treyarch Studios after 18 years. Last Friday, the design director posted on LinkedIn that he was resigning. According to reports, Vonderhaar will change positions inside the gaming sector.

“Today I am sharing that I have left Activision and Treyarch after an incredible 18 years and 8 Call of Duty games,” Vonderhaar stated on his LinkedIn profile. “I am incredibly grateful to my coworkers at Treyarch for the time we spent honing our craft, never resting on our laurels, and constantly pondering how to improve what we design and how we produce it,”

“I want to thank the Call of Duty community for their enthusiasm and commitment. That drive has frequently strengthened both our resolve as a studio and as individuals. I will always be appreciative of the chance to communicate directly with so many of you both online and in person. This force will always be a vital component of who I am.

“I’m staying in the games industry, working on a confidential project that I can’t yet discuss, but I’m excited about a rare and special opportunity,” he says as he closes. I’ll keep you informed as soon as I can.

Vonderhaar worked on eight Call of Duty titles with the most recent being Black Ops Cold War.

In response, Treyarch referred to Vonderhaar as a legend and discussed his accomplishments to the Call of Duty series.

“Farewell to the legendary David Vonderhaar, whose discipline, creativity & innovation helped shape our games from COD 2: Big Red One to Black Ops Cold War,” stated Treyarch in a statement. His memorable quotes and ground-breaking concepts will be missed. energized for your upcoming journey.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, according to the game’s makers, will mark the “end of an era.”Many fans believed that Modern Warfare 3 would mark the end of the annual Call of Duty release cycle and that the following Call of Duty would be a live service title.

The “end of an era” Vonderhaar was alluding to, however, was really marked by his resignation, according to content producer ProReborn. The user claimed that he didn’t feel confident making an announcement about someone’s departure.

The claim made by ProReborn that the “internet will be in shambles” when the news emerges was criticized in several comments. The author of the material was charged with using the news to increase impressions.

The last undertaking Vonderhaar worked on with Treyarch was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. What project the game creator will be working on next is now a topic of interest for his followers.

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