Build your own gaming console with the Xbox 360 Mega Set


While the Xbox 360 was the game system of choice for many, there was a moment when the Xbox Series X/S was the talk of the town. Fortunately, you have the chance to recreate those glorious times by creating your own Xbox 360 instead of traveling back in time.

Introducing the Mega 3:4 scale Xbox 360 collection set, which is given to you by none other than Mega. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Yes, that same firm that aspires to be Lego but isn’t. At a dubious $149.99, this equipment not only allows you to assemble an Xbox 360, but it also includes a controller and a phony copy of Halo 3. To answer the question, “Why Halo 3?” let’s just say that it’s the icing on this nostalgic sundae.

As you may have guessed, this Xbox 360 isn’t really a gaming system. It’s like purchasing a chocolate dessert only to discover that it contains veggies, we understand. There is, however, a bright side. This set is so intricately crafted that it comes with a motherboard replica housed inside an assembled Xbox casing.

Additionally, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can activate the motherboard by inserting the Halo 3-themed disc. What is meant by that? It’s up to you to guess what it could be, although we hope it doesn’t call for a Covenant invasion.

The set is an ode to the Xbox 360’s history and is only available at Target. It won’t give you the infamous Red Ring of Death, but it does light up and link to your Xbox profile. Recall that.

The detachable, blocky hard drive is visible when the side panels are removed. For individuals who possess the status of Lego Master Builder, this set has an astounding 1,342 pieces.

Be careful not to step on this Xbox 360. It might hurt you more than you can hurt it.

Prepare to be shocked if you were thinking that purchasing an actual Xbox 360 for less money would be a better deal than the one offered by this bundle, as the initial round of pre-orders has already been completely sold out. Thankfully, you may anticipate its formal US premiere on October 8.

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