Both free and paid DLCs are coming to Final Fantasy 16

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Even the project lead, Naoki Yoshida, was a little apprehensive about the concept of downloadable content back when Final Fantasy XVI was just a glimmer in the minds of diehard gamers. A full and polished game that was worth the entry price was the main aim, he said, adding that he and his team wanted “players to have the satisfaction that equals what they paid for or more.” The main goal was to create a fully realized original game with a universe large enough to satisfy the most fervent enthusiasts. Now that the universe is expanding, it appears that Square Enix has been paying close attention to its fan base.

Square Enix has a spotty history when it comes to DLCs for mainline Final Fantasy games but Naoki Yoshida has a knack for proving doubts wrong.

Square Enix has stated that, despite first impressions, FF16 would accept fresh content. Yoshida revealed in a special video message that FF16 will receive two DLCs.

The news, which was revealed during Square Enix’s “Voices from Valisthea” panel at PAX West 2023, thrilled fans because the most recent Final Fantasy game has grown to be one of the year’s most notable releases.

Although Final Fantasy 16 was initially only available on the PlayStation 5, it has already sold over 3 million copies and received positive reviews. However, because of its exclusivity, it has a smaller potential audience than games like Final Fantasy 15.

The community’s desire to learn more about the people living in Valisthea and to explore the complex world more thoroughly is the main driving force behind the development. It goes beyond just a planned attempt to profit more from a title that is already popular. After reading through a ton of input, the crew realized that the community wants to see more Valisthea. Square Enix is glad to comply.

The word DLC—as opposed to a “update”—suggests that the content in these new chapters of the Final Fantasy XVI saga will probably not be free, even if it’s still unclear whether they will have a cost. But it’s not only about using your credit card—those of us who have been frugal with our Gil can also benefit. Square Enix has already committed to improving the gaming experience by releasing a free upgrade.

It’s unclear if this new update is the latest of the free content that’s coming to Final Fantasy 16.

The upgrade gives user feedback more than a passing mention. It is a comprehensive bundle with notable enhancements to quality of life. One notable aspect is that players can alter Clive’s weapon’s look without affecting its use. Put another way, you can enhance the aesthetics of your weapon without sacrificing performance. Essentially, it’s the small details that count — a hint of customization here, a different costume for a character there.

And speaking of clothes, it turns out that Clive isn’t the only one getting a makeover. Additional threads are being sent to Joshua, Ambrosia, Torgal, Jill, and Torgal. In terms of controls, players will discover that layouts have been changed in response to user feedback, improving accessibility and gameplay.

Furthermore, Yoshida added yet another intriguing disclosure right when you thought the news could possibly get much more exciting. Final Fantasy 16 is embracing the wider PC gaming community and losing its PlayStation 5 exclusivity.

What are the chances that one of the DLC for Final Fantasy 16 will revolve around Cid?

In response to the dissatisfied demands of Final Fantasy fans who are prevented from enjoying their beloved game because they would rather play on the PC, work is currently underway to develop a PC version.

Even though it’s unclear when exactly this new frontier and the upcoming DLCs will launch, Yoshida promises further details will be revealed “before the end of the year.”

Which lesson should we learn most from this? Square Enix is expanding on the early popularity of Final Fantasy XVI rather than just riding it. Delivering on present commitments while hinting to unexplored possibilities for Valisthea’s future requires careful consideration.

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