Black Ops 2 maps reportedly set to make a comeback in Call of Duty 2025


Call of Duty has established a reputation for being a brand that consistently delivers the same experience year after year. Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking that Activision is relying on our pleasant recollections for its upcoming game, which follows Treyarch‘s 2024 release.

According to recent sources, Call of Duty 2025 would have a structure akin to Modern Warfare III from 2023. According to dependable COD leaker @el_bobberto, the Call of Duty game for 2025 will essentially feature remastered maps from Black Ops II (though this could change in the following two years).


This suggests that the fully updated versions of beloved games like Meltdown, Hijacked, Standoff, and Raid may be on the horizon. Additionally, @TheMW2Ghost, another COD leaker, has confirmed this rumor. In response, she said:

From what I’ve heard some time back, I can add that I also heard similar that Black Ops 2 maps were in the remaster pipeline.

According to earlier rumors, Sledgehammer Games was tasked with leading the development of Call of Duty 2025, a follow-up to the controversial Advanced Warfare game from 2014. The most recent information, though, indicates that Treyarch will take the lead in this next installment’s production.

Many fans of Call of Duty will be curious as to why Treyarch decided to remaster Black Ops 2 maps rather than the original ones. It’s probable that these maps were picked because of Nuketown 2025 and, more significantly, since they are well-liked by fans. When will you be able to remaster Nuketown 2025 for 2025, after all?

With updated battlefields from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is already promising to bring back a lot of memories for us. So, the question is: Is Activision really trying to bring back our nostalgia for the classics, or are they simply out of creative ideas? Some fans contend that the latter is more likely, citing the franchise’s seeming heavy reliance on the past to shape its present and future.

For example, when Black Ops 4 was first released, it had four maps that were taken from earlier Black Ops games. There is a thin line between giving fans what they want and overdoing a franchise with the same material, even while nostalgia is a potent marketing tool. It’s no secret that learning the new Call of Duty levels is one of the most thrilling parts of each release, although that excitement has been a little lessened with the introduction of remastered maps.

Black Ops II was the first game in the series to feature futuristic warfare technology.

Activision will be keeping a careful eye on how Modern Warfare 3’s updated maps are received by gamers in order to decide how best to move forward in subsequent games. Activision might perhaps release a remastered edition of their own remastered titles if they continue in this direction.

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