Black Myth: Wukong is live on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Chinese mythology has a long history of being a rich source of tales, full of characters, settings, and life teachings. Over the years, several games have drawn inspiration from these legends, but few have generated as much excitement as Game Science’s upcoming action RPG, Black Myth: Wukong, a promising if more accurate rendition of these comparatively little-known tales.

It’s crazy to think that Black Myth: Wukong is a game by a small-time group of independent developers.

This game, which is available on the Steam and Epic Games Store platforms, is a beautiful tapestry of narrative, action, and gorgeous visuals that aims to take players to a realm of wonders that is firmly founded in folklore.

For those who are unaware, the game draws inspiration from the venerable Chinese literary work Journey to the West. Players will take on the role of the Heroic Monkey, or the Destined One, as some prefer, as they explore the world of the video game. In search of a secret historical fact, this individual embarks on an incredible journey.

While no one’s expecting GOTY conversations from Black Myth: Wukong, it could be one of the more surprising releases in recent years.

Black Myth: Wukong promises to take place in a large and fascinating environment. It has the same sense as picking up a lost book where the pages whisper legends of ancient Chinese mythology, full of wonders waiting around every bend. This game explores the stories of love, hate, greed, and passion in addition to pitting players against enemies.

Players will undoubtedly have their hands full when it comes to foes. According to the released fragments, the game’s enemies are actual characters rather than just hurdles. Every enemy has a unique mix of abilities, complexities, and goals, making every battle a ballet of unpredictability. One can use a wide variety of combat tools as the Heroic Monkey, including spells, transformations, magic vessels, and staff methods. Every player can carve out their own distinct battle style by fusing items and skills with such variety.

Now, a sneaky little monkey is whispering that the title of the game has been cheekily changed to “Dating Sim.” This causes both giggles and raised eyebrows. While this might just be a simple typo or a fun wink, it certainly raises questions. This game has some interesting mysteries, what are they?

We’re hoping that the release of Black Myth: Wukong comes soon enough.

After removing yet another layer, it appears that the game will grace our screens in the summer of 2019, albeit a precise release date is still pending.

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Hopefully, Black Myth: Wukong will be discussed more during Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live, which may or may not include a Tomb Raider announcement.

There is evident excitement about this project among people who are involved in the gaming industry. The discussions revolve around how the game might be similar to the God of War while also incorporating Chinese folklore. In spite of the fact that many books, including Sword & Fairy, have successfully captured Chinese culture and mythology, there has never been any marketing or translations in the West.

With many years spent into making Black Myth: Wukong happen, Game Science could put itself on the map if the game is close to as good as expected.

It is hoped that Black Myth: Wukong would fill this vacuum by bringing to light an aspect of Chinese lore that many have long craved for.

There is a sense of beginning on our own adventure as we prepare for the game’s release, one that promises peril, wonder, and the discovery of truths about the game’s universe and our understanding of Chinese mythology.

This game promises to be a turning point in video game history, whether you’re playing it for the action, the narrative, or just out of curiosity.

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