Bethesda is working on a “secret” licensed game with Disney

Disney is so huge as a company that Bethesda will have plenty to choose from.

Significant information has leaked, indicating that Bethesda is about to reveal details of a brand-new, top-secret project it is working on with none other than Disney. The gaming community is giddy with anticipation over this news and is ready for more.

Every time we believe we understand what Bethesda is planning, it seems like a new surprise emerges. This time, we were alerted to the prospect of an unidentified licensed game thanks to a significant leak from Microsoft.

This brings us Shpeshal Nick, a voice on the Xbox Era podcast, who revealed the information about Disney’s role in this now-less-mysterious project. Which Disney property, though? Marvel and Star Wars are included in the large, deep pool.

It is rumored that Roundhouse Studio, well-known for its work on the Rune series, is the brains behind this project. There’s a lot of conjecture floating around that it could be the shooter around the internet, with hints of a prominent comic license that we learned about last year. With this trajectory, Star Wars may simply fade into the background, making way for something else to flourish, possibly something from the Marvel universe.

Project Kestrel and Project Platinum are two odd names that appeared in some of the documents that were leaked. Though it may seem difficult to solve, one of these could be our illusive Disney game when the parts fit together. This is not to be confused with Machine Games’ upcoming Indiana Jones game; they are two completely distinct animals.

Disney boasts a large repertory. From the classic stories of The Lion King to the galactic conflicts of Star Wars and the valiant adventures of Marvel. A Star Wars-themed Bethesda game would be enormous. Even though Marvel has had uneven results in the gaming industry, a Marvel game looks more likely.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy could’ve been so much more popular had Square Enix poured in some marketing gasoline into the game.

Marvel hasn’t made a lot of news in the gaming world except from Insomniac Games, which has a talent for bringing Spider-Man to life on the PlayStation.The greatest of them all, in Square Enix’s opinion, was Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which was also a letdown. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, developed by Firaxis Games, comes in second and is a bare-bones clone of the original XCOM series from the company. Not to be forgotten, Marvel’s Avengers is currently on sale prior to its official shutdown.

Based only on Insomniac Games’ past success, we’re confident Marvel’s Wolverine will succeed; nevertheless, this isn’t a cross-platform game. Bethesda and Xbox need to respond in kind. Is this an attempt on their part?

Todd Howard, a well-known comic book enthusiast, is a significant player in this. If you will, picture Bethesda creating a Marvel universe with a blend of complex narratives akin to Elder Scrolls.

It’s not difficult to imagine a Doctor Strange game made by Bethesda Game Studios“>Bethesda Game Studios but that isn’t happening anytime soon.

Unfortunately, someone else will have to take the lead because Howard is probably too busy with The Elder Scrolls VI, MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game, Starfield’s post-launch DLC, and other stuff.

Regardless of the result, Bethesda’s artistry and Disney’s grand stories combine to create a video game match made in heaven.

Everyone is waiting for an official announcement from Bethesda and Disney to either disprove their suspicions or confirm their wildest hopes while the rest of the world watches.

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