Bethesda finally shares a not-so-positive update about The Elder Scrolls 6

Ah, the flavor of Skooma and the scent of Tamriel grass. Those comments undoubtedly hit the fan of the Elder Scrolls right in the heart. But let’s move on from our fond memories—updates, baby!

The Elder Scrolls“>The Elder Scrolls is such an iconic name in gaming that the bar for the next game in the series is set so unbelievably high that we don’t blame for Bethesda“>Bethesda for wanting to take as much time as they need.

The Elder Scrolls community also enjoys hearing about the much anticipated sixth installment, The Elder Scrolls 6, more than anything else.

The real goal in this case is one of patience, so you might want to sharpen those blades and holster those spells first.

A remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is believed to be in development over at Virtuous Studios.

The game is presently in early development, moving from its conceptual diapers into the toddling shoes of actual production, according to Bethesda. That’s good news, to start with. Given that everything about The Elder Scrolls 6 was as hazy as a Cheshire cat’s grin before now, it represents a critical turning point in the project’s development. The Elder Scrolls 6 is being actively worked on by a small team, according to Pete Hines and Todd Howard of Bethesda, even if the majority of the company is devoted to Starfield, their newest sci-fi RPG release.

Speaking of Starfield, it’s crucial to comprehend why Tamriel’s next chapter has been delayed in order to complete the picture.

Bethesda is devoting all of its resources to making Starfield a success because its release date is quickly approaching. Bethesda has no intention of slowing down even once the game is released; a post-launch expansion for Starfield has already been announced. Therefore, those of us who chant “Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin” in our sleep may need to learn a few verses of whatever the Starfield anthem will be. Perhaps it will be “Todd, no offense man, that’s a good game.”

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The dragons of Skyrim are still one of the most iconic antagonists and characters in gaming.

But let’s go back to the timetable for the game’s creation, shall we? The head of Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer, sent an arrow to the knee of every aspiring explorer when he stated that the game is “five-plus years away.”The most optimistic projection places a release in 2028—an eternity in the gaming world. Even Todd Howard hasn’t ruled out this release window in his interviews, though this date isn’t official either. However, if you ask Microsoft‘s lawyers, they appear to think it will happen soon.

Given the amount of effort necessary to make the game the “ultimate fantasy world simulator,” Howard has acknowledged that the announcement of the game in 2018 could have been a little premature.

Why does it take so much time? Greatness, however, cannot be hurried. The Elder Scrolls 6 is said to be more than simply a game; it will be an entire world that might even surpass its forerunners in terms of intricacy and interactivity. In the same way that Skyrim and Oblivion redefined the genre in their own eras, this enormous promise, if fulfilled, will undoubtedly do the same. Remember that the game might be an Xbox-only release, despite the fact that this is still theoretical in light of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and Matt Booty’s remarks.

After seeing dragons in Skyrim, we’re now curious to see what else The Elder Scrolls VI will show us.

What then do we have? Starfield is receiving a lot of attention, there is confirmation that the game is no longer simply in the pre-production phase, and there is a hypothetical release date that continues to move further away as we learn more. But if being Elder Scrolls fans has taught us anything, it’s that good things do in fact come to those who wait. The secret, it would seem, is to just keep waiting. While we’re at it, we could perhaps take a journey back to Cyrodiil or do a little space exploration.

This week’s Starfield is coming out later. If you’re fortunate enough, there’s still a chance for you to obtain the exclusive Chronomark watch from the game.

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