Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo? Best Ways to Fix It!

We’ve included steps in our tutorial that work with any Apple Watch, so you can use it with an older model running watchOS 7 or a newer one running watchOS 8. Additionally, we have sorted the troubleshooting stages such that they start with simple methods that won’t lose any data and end with complete factory resets of the Apple Watch.

As a result, I advise you to carefully follow this advice. The table of contents below will make it easier for you to choose the strategy that looks the most promising if that’s how you’d like to proceed.

Place Your Apple Watch on the Magnetic Charger

Occasionally, all you have to do is set your Apple Watch on the magnetic charger to remove the stuck Apple logo. To see if the smartwatch boots up regularly, use this technique.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

Give Software Update/Restore a Bit More Time to Complete

Most likely, if you were updating the software, the watch is just completing the update before powering up and isn’t stuck on the Apple logo. You should provide the watch enough time to complete the update in such a situation. However, you could want to attempt utilizing one of the methods below to see if you can fix the issue if the Apple logo still appears after an excessively long period of time.

Delete Software Update Files

Try erasing the update files if, after allowing your watch enough time to finish upgrading, all that’s visible is the Apple logo and nothing else. It might surprise you to learn that you can truly remove the software update files from your Apple Watch. That’s how:

If it isn’t open by default, launch the “Watch” app on your iPhone and navigate to the “My Watch” area.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

Proceed to General -> Storage now.

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apple watch stuck on apple logo

After selecting Software Update, delete the update file.

Try to reinstall the software update on your Apple Watch after deleting the update file. I hope that this resolves the issue. It’s time to try something different if it doesn’t work.

Restart Your Apple Watch

It’s cliched, but the old saying “Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?” is true most of the time. Consequently, a fast restart is the first thing you should attempt if your Apple watch experiences sporadic faults and problems, such as being stuck on the Apple logo.

Hold down the side button on your Apple Watch until the power off slider appears on the screen.

To turn off your Apple Watch, move the power off slider at this point.

Turn the Apple Watch back on.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

To restart your watch, wait a few seconds and then click the side button one more.

If your Apple Watch powers on normally, the problem has been resolved. But if the Apple Watch remains frozen on the Apple logo, it’s time to attempt an alternative.

Use Find My to Fix the Apple Watch Stuck on the Apple Logo

Your iPhone’s Find My app may be used for more than simply finding your family and other linked devices. On occasion, it may also assist you in resolving the Apple Watch stuck-on Apple logo issue. Yes, this is a bit out of the ordinary, but a lot of people have said that it worked for them when they had the same problem, so why not give it a try? This is what you ought to do.

On your iPhone, launch the Find My app and select the Devices tab.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

To see all of the linked devices at this point, you might need to lift the Devices handle. Next, press Play Sound on your Apple Watch by tapping it.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

Usually, when your Apple Watch receives a command to play a sound, it “unfreezes” and resumes regular operation. There are still lots of alternative solutions, so don’t panic if this one doesn’t work for you. Proceed to read.


You may use your associated iPhone to recover your bricked Apple Watch running watchOS 8.5 or later and iOS 15.4 or above. Before the release of this convenient self-repair function, owners of Apple Watches had to take their devices to an Apple repair facility to get them fixed. Go to the comprehensive information on fixing an Apple Watch if it appears to be dead.

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Hard Reset Your Watch

Hard resets, also referred to as force restarts, work wonders for many watchOS problems.

For a few seconds, hold down both the Side button and the Digital Crown at the same time to get your Apple Watch to start up normally.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

Again, there’s nothing more for you to do if your watch is now functioning regularly. Simply exhale, knowing that you have spared yourself a great deal of effort, and continue.

Update Software

whether you have not been able to resolve the issue of your Apple Watch becoming stuck on the Apple logo, it is time to see whether there are any software upgrades that need to be installed. Apple upgrades watchOS frequently, including bug fixes, security enhancements, and performance gains.

Installing updates as soon as possible is advised, but if you haven’t already, doing so might help you resolve any issues that are causing your Apple Watch to become stuck in a boot loop.

Make sure the My Watch tab is chosen in the lower left corner of the Watch app on your linked iPhone. Press General now.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

The most recent software version may then be downloaded and installed by selecting Software Update.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

It is feasible to upgrade your Apple Watch directly from the device. You won’t be able to update it in that manner, either, as we’re thinking of a scenario in which your Apple Watch gets stuck on the Apple logo.

Erase Your Apple Watch

Have tried every other item on the list without success? Perhaps it’s time to give your Apple Watch a factory reset. Although this is a somewhat drastic method, it generally resolves practically any problem you may be having. Furthermore, watchOS automatically backs up your data when you unpair your Apple Watch, so you don’t even need to bother about backing up your device.

Open the Watch app on your attached iPhone, then select General.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

After swiping down, select Reset. Next, choose Erase All Content and Settings from Apple Watch. To be sure, make sure you tap Erase All Content and Settings.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

You will need to re-configure your Apple Watch after it has been wiped. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem you were having.

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Contact Apple Support

It’s time to contact Apple for assistance if, even after a factory reset, your Apple Watch remains frozen on the Apple logo. Get in touch with Apple Support right away by visiting their website. They can offer you advice on how to bring in your watch for repair as well as troubleshooting procedures.

Easily Fix an Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

These are the methods you can attempt to resolve an Apple Watch that is stuck on the Apple logo. With the help of the remedies we’ve suggested, perhaps you were able to get your smartwatch functioning flawlessly. If they did, please let us know which approach was successful for you.

If not, please let us know what Apple Support said was wrong and how they resolved it. In the meantime, read our pieces on the greatest Apple Watch advice and the comprehensive reference for Apple Watch iconography.

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