An unlikely leaker just gave the best Starfield review ever

It is possible to be the first to do anything while without also being the best at it. “Best” and “first” are not mutually exclusive terms. No executive will be upset with what an unexpected source just claimed, even though the Starfield review embargo hasn’t been released yet and Bethesda has expressed its disappointment in all of individuals who leaked information about the next space opera.

This Starfield review just set a pretty high bar for others to live up to.

Following the debut of the live-action Starfield video at Gamescom 2023, which was momentarily eclipsed by an errant GTA 6 fan, In a video that was uploaded to YouTube Shorts by user @Memphian94, he says, “Todd, no offense, but that’s a good game,” while smoking what looks to be a blunt (a blunt is a marijuana-related term, for those who don’t know what it means).

You are welcome to watch the film yourself as of the publishing of this article. Although Bethesda hasn’t removed it, we’re very certain that it doesn’t contain any actual footage.

We’re not sure if this person is sincere about having a review copy of Starfield or if it came from a friend who let him play it, but he did claim that donning a helmet in the game only took five minutes. It’s simple to understand why if he consistently does what we believe him to be doing.

Given that he doesn’t even have a following, or at least not before this video goes viral, handing a review copy to a relatively unknown reviewer definitely explains why Bethesda is playing a tiresome game attempting to catch all the leaks that are happening.

My boyfriend has a few dozen YouTube Shorts films as well as several gambling-related videos on his YouTube account. It doesn’t take much scrolling down to realize that he doesn’t have any game reviews other than his YouTube Shorts video about Starfield and the little video of him playing Starfield, which is just long enough to show.

After the sandwiches in Starfield went viral, it doesn’t surprise us that it’s attracting a “certain” type of audience.

We’re not complaining, really. That line, “No offense man, that’s a good game,” is great.

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Please include the soon-to-be-meme-hall-of-fame sentence on Starfield’s box art or the honors trailer, if anyone from Bethesda is reading this. There’s no point wasting this.

It’s fantastic to see all the positive impressions that Starfield has been making ever since Bethesda started giving away the review copies, in full seriousness (not that we weren’t serious about all we said before this line). It’s encouraging that Sarfield is entertaining enough for a person who obviously isn’t into role-playing games, who describes it as a “different kind of game” and cautions spectators that “you gotta read” to enjoy it.

We’re pretty sure that the reviewer will be an even bigger fan as soon as mods about growing certain plants in Starfield make their way into the game.

Starfield will unavoidably be compared to games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4, and Baldur’s Gate 3, but these titles are more suited to casual gamers than non-players.

According to our assessment, Starfield contains the ideal balance of narrative-driven material and lighthearted entertainment.

We can only hope that we’re accurate, but we’ll find out soon enough as Starfield launches on September 6.

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