AMD and Bethesda have partnered for a custom-themed Starfield PC

As the eagerly awaited release of Starfield approaches, AMD and Bethesda are treating fans to an exhilarating exhibition of ingenuity by fusing the game’s universe with contemporary PC design, thanks to the talented custom PC builder modsbyben. This Starfield computer is more than just a machine. It combines Bethesda’s cosmic idea with a master craftsman’s skill, and quite frankly, it makes standard PCs appear a little pedestrian.

You know that your work is good when people forget about all the bad things AMD did in the lead up to Starfield’s release.

Imagine this: an ordinary day using the same-old computer in the white metal box. While it completes the task, it lacks style. Then, a video from YouTuber modsbyben appears, presenting an authentic, unique work of art with a Starfield theme. Your PC suddenly feels a little dull. But it’s not just PC envy, per se. This invention is a perfect representation of the allure of Starfield and its potential to influence the player base.

Benito Quintanilla (aka modsbyben), who has demonstrated expertise in his previous works, digs into the origins of this project in an honest video. This PC, which AMD and Bethesda commissioned for this year’s QuakeCon, is less of a technical device and more of a magnificent sci-fi sculpture. It resembles a space entity from Starfield’s realm more than a computer and isn’t one at all. This PC seems like it could be moored in a Starfield hangar, which is the exact essence of the game where players get to design their spacecraft.

The beauty transcends mere aesthetics, though. The uncommon AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU with the Starfield theme was unveiled at QuakeCon and is nestled inside. Quintanilla’s creative workmanship and Bethesda’s design sensibilities came together in a seamless way as he combined 3D printed panels, automobiles, and acrylic paints. Unfortunately, this artwork is not for sale; rather, it is intended as a showpiece for QuakeCon, much like Starfield has been for years.

This partnership encompasses more than just a custom design. The fact that AMD has been chosen as Starfield’s official GPU partner suggests a close relationship between AMD’s skill and the game’s technological requirements. Such alliances invariably push limits and establish greater standards, raising the bar for gaming experiences.

Naturally, this choice hasn’t exactly been well received by fans; AMD has come under fire for increasing Starfield’s PC requirements to unreasonably high levels in an effort to promote its more expensive products.

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No matter how you put it, Starfield will be the biggest game to come out this year if not this generation.

For those who are unfamiliar, Starfield is more than simply another role-playing game set in space. Since Bethesda first revealed it at E3 2018, it has promised sophisticated space travel and outstanding graphics. A pledge that has put supporters, even fervent PC modders, on edge. The anticipation is palpable as the debut date of September 6 draws nearer (with an Early Access period beginning on September 1 for owners of the Premium Edition). Starfield has appeared on every gamer’s wish list, from limited edition graphic cards to themed controllers.

But there’s more agitating the waters than just goods. Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the all-time best-selling games on the platform, but the game is already charting as a best-seller on Steam.

Starfield is a movement that combines gaming culture, PC mod artwork, and fandom fervor with its custom PC builds, limited-edition graphics cards, and pre-launch lore drops. It’s a tribute to what video games can do for users’ physical, material universes as well as their virtual worlds.

Very few games get the amount of hype and marketing machinery that Starfield gets.

Even while the majority of us may not have the Starfield-themed PC by modsbyben adorning our desks, we can all enjoy the appeal of the game. As Bethesda, a gaming behemoth famed for masterpieces like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, forays into this new realm, it promises to be nothing short of magnificent. The interstellar adventures await.

The scene is prepared, the cosmos calls, and players all across the world are getting ready to set out on what may be the most famous space journey of this generation.

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