A Nintendo Direct is coming this September

Nothing gets people as excited as a fresh Nintendo Direct. There is mounting suspicion that Nintendo may continue its habit of hosting a Direct presentation in September, a pattern that has mostly been unbroken for more than a decade, as the fourth quarter of the year draws to a close.

This year is supposed to be huge for the Nintendo Switch“>Nintendo Switch as it will likely be replaced next year.

These expectations have spawned a deluge of rumors, with Zippo notably leading the pack.

The most recent posts from Zippos imply that the following Nintendo Direct will happen soon. The Super Mario franchise, including Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, and an intriguing new Princess Peach game, according to Zippo, who claims to be an insider with knowledge of the company’s plans. Additionally, it appears that GameCube enthusiasts may have cause for celebration given that Zippo’s leaks point to the announcement of additional GameCube remasters. More specifically, there has been a lot of discussion about possible Switch remasters of Metroid Prime 2, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess.

Zippo hinted to the prospect of this Direct streaming happening earlier than expected in a later update to his blog. Technically, the presentation would meet the September timeframe if it were streamed on Thursday, August 31, which coincides with September 1 in Japan.

Naturally, we don’t believe Nintendo will take this action. After all, Starfield is the main focus right now. There is no other game that will alter that, barring an asteroid that is about to impact Earth.

Fans shouldn’t, then, place too much stock in what Zippo has to say. Let’s just say that, to put it nicely, his reputation as a leaker is contentious. While he has occasionally been right about his forecasts, many of his leaks have turned out to be inaccurate. He has even been banned as a source by a number of gaming communities due to his unreliability, including r/GamingLeaksandRumours.

Metroid Prime Remastered effectively guaranteed that the next two games in the series will get a remaster as well.

This is not to argue that Zippo’s most recent forecasts lack merit or foundation. Since the Switch’s release in September 2015, Nintendo has consistently held a Direct in that month. It makes sense that the firm would want to use a Direct to better promote its upcoming games, which include Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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Some detractors contend that Zippo’s forecasts are so clear as to be hardly novel. In fact, Nintendo is getting ready to release a ton more Mario games before the year is through, and there have long been rumors of prospective GameCube adaptations.

In addition, Metroid Prime 2’s remastering is a given considering the success of the first one earlier this year.

Beyond the near future, next year is what Nintendo fans are most interested in, with the debut of a new system drawing their attention. According to current rumors, the introduction of this next-generation console is planned for the second half of 2024. Nevertheless, despite the great interest, it’s unlikely that the forthcoming Direct – should it take place – would reveal this Switch’s replacement.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder marks the first game that won’t feature the iconic voice actor of Mario.

Whether Zippo’s claims of leaks are true or not, the gaming community can be sure that Nintendo will have plenty of exciting things to announce in the months to come.

We may experience new renditions of cherished Mario games, explore remastered GameCube classics, and possibly gain more insight into what the gaming industry titan has planned for the upcoming year.

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