A.K.I. is joining Street Fighter 6 this September

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ recent partnership with Street Fighter 6 may have been a failure when the incredibly costly skins failed to appeal to players, but we wager that the next DLC character will drop without a hitch next month.


The eagerly anticipated debut of A.K.I., the poison-wielding F.A.N.G. apprentice, will air on Street Fighter 6 on September 27. Gamers now have a glimpse into the newcomer’s skills thanks to Capcom‘s gameplay trailer after seeing a preview of EVO 2023.

We can already tell from the first few minutes that Juri Han’s sadistic tendencies are nothing compared to A.K.I’s. The psychotic Kenpo fighter employs a set of metal gauntlets with pointed claws on each hand to efficiently incapacitate her opponents with her poison-infused blows.

Here is her list of moves:

  • Serpent Lash A.K.I. hurls her nails like a chain from a distance, poisoning her foes. Hitting a poisoned enemy sets off a Toxic Blossom, causing an explosion and setting the stage for follow-up attacks.
  • Nightshade Pulse A.K.I. propels a toxic bubble forward, which poisons enemies upon impact. She can hit the bubble with the Nightshade Chaser to burst it prematurely, expanding its impact zone.
  • Orchid Spring A.K.I. strategically sets a poison puddle on the ground, which inflicts damage on any foes entering its bounds.
  • Sinister Slide Glide across the stage, sidestepping dangers as you advance and execute successive attacks such as Venomous Fang to leap forward and poison an opponent, Heel Strike to perform a chain of combos on a successful hit, or Entrapment to coil around an enemy’s body and squeeze them like a Boa constrictor.

After Rashid, her antagonist, was added to the roster last month, A.K.I. will be the second DLC character for Street Fighter 6. She follows fan favorite Chun-Li as the second female fighter from China to make her debut.

More DLC characters will be made available by Capcom in the upcoming months, including Bandaged Boy Ed, Balrog’s protégé in psycho boxing, and Akuma, Gouken’s younger brother and one of the franchise’s most well-known characters.

If you possess the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition, you can unlock the poison connoisseur if you so desire. As an alternative, you can use a Rental Fighter ticket, which you can get with a Fighting Pass, to try her out for an hour.

The A.K.I. shows up! Fighting Pass, a collection of cosmetic elements that players can use to create unique avatars, will be accessible as of tomorrow.

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