Twitch subscription prices will reduce depending on the region

Twitch offered its monthly tier-one subscription for $4.99. The same amount of money was charged in the other regions of the world, though the variety of users from different countries have a different standard of living and for them, it’s pretty much costly than their cost of living and considering the local cost of what the actual price should have been less. Now that twitch has finally addressed the problem it’s taking measures to ensure that the prices differ from region to region depending upon the cost of living.

Twitch has finally released the full of countries and what will be the pricing of the subscription considering the local cost. There are few countries that will migrate to local pricing sometime later this year, like the countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Countries like Mexico and Turkey have received their pricing, Twitch is going to charge 48 pesos in Mexico that is somewhere around $2.42, and 9.90 Turkish lire that is around $1.91. Twitch has said that the vast majority of the countries are going to have lesser prices as compared to the USA.

What was the thing that brought this issue into consideration of twitch, it says the reason behind local subscription pricing is that the difference in the number of active users in the USA and in the other parts of the world is quite huge, while the pricing was translated from $4.99 it was a problem for them to dump this money into a subscription. “This isn’t just anecdotal; it’s reflected clearly in the numbers,” Twitch wrote in a blog describing the changes. “The percentage of active users in Europe or Asia who support creators with a subscription is roughly 50% lower relative to North America. In Latin America, it’s nearly 80% lower.”

While this is good news for the standard viewer, Twitch has predicted the potential pushback from creators who may see their revenue tank during the changes. “Twitch will cover 100% of baseline channel and Prime sub revenue (if needed) for three calendar months, including the month of the price change. After that, we will slowly decrease incentive payments by 25% every three months over the following nine 

Essentially, Twitch is calculating each creator’s average monthly earnings. If revenue falls lower than that during these changes, Twitch will cover the entire loss for the first three months before lowering payments throughout the year.

Twitch subscription prices will reduce depending on the redion

It’s great to see Twitch finally offering local pricing, but it’s taken a long time to do so. Local pricing is something that Steam has been offering for years—take a glance at the SteamDB page for PUBG and you’ll see how costs vary by country. Better late than never though, eh?

Twitch has been making a few changes to its platform recently. A bit of self Inflected DMCA hell prompted more support for creators to deal with copyright issues. ( Some rogue code also revealed plans of a future “brand safety score,” though there’s no public announcement for it yet.

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