7 Easy tips to win in Fortnite 2020

Who does not want to win a game they are playing? And when it comes to games like Fortnite, winning is the ultimate goal. So as to help you with that process, we have mentioned some really useful Fortnite tips on how to Win in Fortnite on various devices like PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Tips to Win Fortnite

There is no shortcut to winning any game but a few tips are always helpful. You can make use of the tips given below while playing and applying them correctly will get you steps closer to winning Fortnite Royale. So here we go –

1. Land Carefully


The first wise choice is that of landing. Whenever you are playing a survival game, the place where you land makes a huge difference. It is recommended that you land in an area with the least people around so that you will not panic and can have time to gear up.

At this time, you can gather the resources that will help in your defense in the next stages of the game where the inner ring gets smaller.

2. Use Panic Walls for Defense


Panic walls are a means of defense that will make the aim of your opponent less important. You can use these walls when your cover is blown or when you get a duel with your opponent.

All you need to do for making up panic walls is make a 4X4 box with the ramp in the center. Wood is preferred since it takes the least time for constructing. If you are using a PS4 or PC or Xbox One, you will have to learn the formation of Panic Wall construction.

3. Farm Resources

No game can be won without having the resources to play it. For the defense as well as attack you will need some resources by your side. Collecting resources is a major thing to take care of while playing Fortnite since that will help you in the later stages of the game.

You must have a lot of resources in the early game itself. So that you can easily play the later stages of the game with more resources and hence more defenses by your side. In the top 10, you will witness serious battles and you will need to build a fort for yourself for the defense purpose as the ring gets smaller.

4. Choose Appropriate Items


If you do not have the right items, the chances of winning the game are lessened. Hence, it is vital that you pick up the best items and make your game strong. Generally, the professional Fortnite players go for this priority order of items – 1. Assault Rifle, 2. Shotgun, 3. Healing Item or Grenades or SMG, 4. Sniper Rifle, and 5. Extra Healing items. Modafinil 200 mg http://curtspharmacy.com/modafinil

For having these items, you will have to loot and catch fights in the mid or early game phases. This will help you get to the top 10 with a decent setup. But do not do this at the last stage since your opponents will have comparatively more resources and then the winning chances will be lessened.

5. Catch the Supply Drops

Supply Drops are the crates that are dropped from the sky and contain goodies that are powerful enough to aid you in winning the Fortnite Royale. Although catching this supply by going out is a risk, this is the best option when you need guns, ammunition, resources, etc.

However, if you have enough stock, it is better to skip this one. Since catching these supply drops needs an aggressive play. If your opponents are getting this supply drops, it is a good chance for you to attack them. And if you are going out there then you can make use of panic walls that will help you loot the supply easily.

6. Think and Plan of the Future

Fortnite is not just about building forts and sitting in there. You will need to have a strategy and planning thinking of the future. If you are just building forts and towers and waiting in there, the circle gets smaller and it becomes difficult to get out of it then.

It is essential that you think of the future and plan accordingly. You will have to take risks whenever needed but keep a strategy in your mind. Presence of Mind also plays a crucial role. And if you can have these all, no one can keep you away from the victory.

7. Build Forts and Towers Wisely

For survival in the game, one has to build small towers inside the ring while you are waiting for the coming smaller ring. You get an advantage over your opponents by building towers and forts.

This ensures defense and coverage so that you can easily aim at the opponents having superior high grounds. A structure is always better while playing this game than wandering free. You can extend the fort as well and take down the opponents.

Concluding Part

So those were some of the very crucial Fortnite Tips on how to Win in Fortnite. I assume you have used these tips in the game practically and have found them useful. Do share your experience after using these tips below in the comment box.

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