Steam has is giving a few award-winning games for free

All Steam users can currently download an award-winning game for free, but only for a limited time. It seems like every week a game on Steam is made free. Sometimes these are obscure games no one knew existed, but sometimes they are bigger and more notable releases, like Little Nightmares, and now Tell Me Why, 2020’s narrative adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment, the makers of Life Is Strange and Vampyr.

On Steam, the game boasts a “Very Positive” Steam User Review rating, with 84 percent of nearly 3,000 users reviewing the game positively. Meanwhile, on Metacritic, the game boasts a score of 75, which is a respectable score, but far from critically acclaimed. Despite this, it did rack up a few awards come awards season in 2020, though it’s unclear how all of this impacted sales. Suffice to say, the game didn’t light the commercial world on fire.

Tell Me Why is the latest narrative adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind the beloved franchise, Life is Strange. In this intimate mystery, reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural bond to unravel the memories of their loving but troubled childhood. Set in beautiful small-town Alaska, Tell Me Why features true-to-life characters, mature themes, and gripping choices.”

The game’s official pitch continued:

“As you conjure up memories of the past, your choices will affect the twins’ relationship, determine the strength of their bond, and shape the course of their lives.”

As noted, this is a limited-time offer. More specifically, the game has been made free for Pride Month, which means that come July, it will no longer be free.

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