How to start a Fortnite Twitch Stream in 3 Easy Steps

Start Fortnite Twitch Stream in 3 Easy Steps – When it comes to popular games of all times, one of the names that come forward is Fortnite. It indeed is one of the most streamed games of all time and people still look forward to streaming it. Hence to help all of those in initiating a Fortnite Twitch Stream, you have to create a Twitch account and then you are good to go.

Fortnite Twitch Stream in 3 easy steps

Prerequisite to initiate Fortnite Twitch Stream –

  • Fortnite Game. (Of course)
  • PC with an Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD equivalent AT LEAST.
  • Reliable Internet connection.
  • Webcam. (optional but recommended)
  • Headset with Microphone.
  • 8 GB Memory.
  • Windows 7 and above.

Here goes the simple guide to initiate a Fortnite Twitch Stream with just 3 easy steps –

Step 1 – Create & Configure the Twitch Channel

fortnite twitch stream
  • First of all, to start the twitch stream, you will need to register for a Twitch account. To create a twitch account, go to the main page of Twitch.
  • Here, click on the option of ‘Sign Up’ that will be present on the upper right side. Provide the name you would like to give to your stream and an email address that is valid. Then check the Captcha and confirm. Your Twitch account will be created in no time.
  • (You can directly jump to the procedure if you already have a Twitch account.)
  • To proceed further, go to the Dashboard of your account by clicking on the Twitch name. This contains all the streaming information of your account.
  • If you want to configure the stream or want people to find your channel then you can go for the left where you will see the choice to set the stream. Here, you can select the Stream title.
  • Tag the stream with the Category being Fortnite. You can also attach other tags so as to help people find out your stream.
  • You can also customize your channel through the option of ‘Edit Panels’.
  • You will come across a list of pages to the left of the Dashboard. Go to the channel with subheading – Settings. Once you are here, you will be notified to input the Stream Key. The job of this key is very crucial since it will empower anyone having the key to broadcast on your channel. This, you have to be cautious with this key.
  • Keep this page open for a while.

Step 2 – Configure the Open Broadcast Software

twitch stream for fortnite
  • Open a new tab. Go to the Open Broadcast Software. This is one such software that helps you broadcast what you are doing on your computer. Over this page, you will see download options that you will be asked to select as per the Operating system you are using.
  • The download will be done soon since it is a small software. When finished downloading, install the software just like you would install any other software. And then launch the Open Broadcast Software.
  • Once you have launched the OB Software, an auto-configuration wizard will open in no time. You can either go with the default rudimentary stream or you can also set it up.
  • In the ‘Stream’ tab, you have to select ‘Twitch’ as your option for source.
  • Now to stream Fortnite to Twitch, you will have to set a scene with name ‘Fortnite Stream’ as your source. When you start the game, OBS will make that a source.
  • For adding a new scene, you will have to click on the left bottom of the page and then set a Video Source. In the Video Source menu, choose the option of ‘Display Capture’. The image that appears your stream in the middle of the page should show your desktop. You can then adjust the place where the sources will appear on the stream and you can also check the audio input volumes.
  • In case you are willing to set yourself on the stream, you can do so by using a webcam. For that, all you have to do is add a Second Video Source and now choose the input as Webcam. This is completely optional.
  • Now if you want to enhance your stream, you can also make use of an external microphone. This will surely ensure a better quality of the audio. In the Sources Menu, add Audio input.
  • That is it! You have set up the OBS. You are now all ready to go live.

Step 3 – Record, Initiate and Promote Twitch Stream

The last step is to start the Twitch Stream.

  • For this, go to the Settings of the Open Broadcast Software and then choose the Stream and the Streaming service.
  • Once you have chosen the Stream service Twitch, go back to the Twitch Dashboard tab that you kept open.
  • Copy the Stream Key and then paste it into the OBS. This will create a connection between the OBS and your Twitch account.
  • Now that you have set everything up, you can hit the Start Streaming on OBS software. This will take you live. Note that after selecting Start Streaming, your broadcasting will be available for anyone to watch.
  • In case you are not ready yet, you can Record a test Stream which is of thirty seconds. This way you can check if the lights, effects, audio, and everything else with your video is right!
  • I would like to recommend you the Webcam though it is completely optional.
  • By connecting to Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. you can easily promote your Fortnite stream.

Note – At times, the OBS can cause your PC to run slower. For this, you can either best way check the Twitch if everything is working as it should or you can also go for the gears available for streaming and playing. However, this happens rarely while Fortnite Building.


Now that you know how you can start a Fortnite Twitch Stream in 3 easy steps, you are all good to go live. In case any of the above steps feel tricky or difficult to understand, you can always rely on us.

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