Stardew valley Sebastian: Schedule and gift guide.

Don’t we all need somebody to lean on? If you are also tired of staying single, then Sebastian Stardew valley is for you. The far is the perfect spot to find somebody that they’re as ready to date and marry. Ultimately, this game is not bound within four walls of the room and there is more to it. One can indulge in a couple of things that will not be relative to the fixed farm routine but the player can successfully create a work-life balance. You can choose a life partner to date or marry in the Stardew Valley farm.

In this game, you will find a lot of friends. In addition to this, you will also have more than one portion of romantic adventures. Haha, yes you got it right! You can cheat on your partner and get ready for the real-time consequences as well.

In this article, we are going to inform you about the Stardew Valley romance. It is interesting and there is a new character, Sebastian who is one of the few characters that is available for the marriage or the dating scenario.

This character lives with his family and does not have a lot of friends. He has a sister, Maru, who is a local star in the family. She gets all the attention in the town. Sebastian’s favorite hobbies are:

– to play computer games,

– read sci-fi books and comics.

There are approximately 12 characters in the Stardew Valley; from which six are the girls and six are the boys. There are some of the interesting features of this game that supports various sexual orientations. Once you have finally chosen a gender, you could easily customize your character with the help of different settings. Therefore, there is no issue in the same gender marriage. You can enjoy this game however you like it and want it likewise.

Primarily, everyone should mention how they want the relationship with other villagers. It has always been like the give-and-take of gifts and talking about the same. The reality is no less different and the game is somewhat similar to this sheer reality. There is no fixed limit and you can provide up to two gifts to any villager every week. there is no confined limit, however, it has been said that if it’s somebody’s birthday then you can give him a new birthday present even if you have gifted them prior that week. Moreover, If you wish to me the character fall for you and actually like you for your personality, you need to participate in their life. It’s a two way process. You can easily choose the character at home or any location that you like. To identify the same, you need to find out what is the best suitable place that the character spends most of his/her time. If you wish to know more vividly about this, we have created a schedule for you, such that it will give a better picture of how Sebastian’s schedule works.

Stardew valley Sebastian

Sebastian’s Schedule

Just like any other usual villager, Sebastian also wakes up early. He changes his behavior as per the season.

During the spring season, he remains home from Sundays to Wednesdays. He is always in his comfort area which is the home and plays virtual online games on the computer. He also likes to smoke sometimes. So, he leaves his home by 6:30 pm and smokes a cigarette beside a lake. On Thursdays, the character is at home until the clock ticks 2 PM. After that, he goes to the railway station. During the Fridays, you can meet him at the saloon. You can also gaze at him playing a pool game with Sam. During the weekends, especially on Saturdays, he visits Sam’s house to chill with.

Talking about the mango season, i.e., Sunday till Wednesday – Suggestion stays at home from 9 AM to 6:30 PM and later goes for a walk for the smoking session. He also visits the RR panel when he has to visit the clinic. Sometimes, he walks to the river to be grateful for the beauty of nature besides Sam’s house.

In the fall season, Sebastien spends a lot of time outside the four walls, i.e., apart from his house. He is at home until 12 in the afternoon from Mondays to Wednesdays. After this, he goes to the lake to find peace and return in the next two hours. On Thursdays again he goes to the Railways track as he finds it as an ideal sport or smoking a cigarette. During the Fridays, as we mentioned above; he likes to play pool with his friends and casually chills all day with Sam on Saturdays. He gets back to home by 12 on Sundays and yet again the process gets repeated by walking down the leg. You can find him even after midnight and he shall be there even at 2 AM in the morning.

During the winter season, Stardew Valley Sebastien remains indoors until it’s 6:30 PM from Sunday to Wednesdays. You can easily meet this person. Now that you are there of Sebastien’s behavior changes and his routine, it will be easy for you to create a strategy accordingly.

His behavior changes when the season alters. Therefore, on the rainy days, you can find him to be uniquely different from his relationship with Abigail. You can easily find her in the saloon or by the beach. If you wish to build a strong relationship with him, you need to be wise enough to choose your guests accordingly.

We have created a list of what Sebastian would like. Read further to know more!

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Sebastian Edition

He loves eating egg whites, frozen deer, universal love, Sashimi, pumpkin soup, Obsidian. Apart from eating as a passion, he also enjoys having gifts such as quartz or Universal Likes.

Once you have won his heart, you are only finally awarded with the 10 heart event where you can meet him directly in the mountains. It will be a romantic setting! As per the program, he will go for a ride and will definitely ask you to join him. Believe us when we say, it will take you to a very special place that is close to our hearts. Nonetheless, this will give you an amazing view of how the entire city looks like with the full moon above the head.

Try understanding him and that’s when he will let you know about his feelings such that both of you are on the same page. You may learn from all this useful advice, for a happy marriage ahead!

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