Stardew Valley Linus: Gift guide Editions

It is not a typical farming game. You will see a lot of fun activities in the Stardew Valley. There are many fun, quirky, interesting elements, and things that will help you in knowing these farms better.

You can easily search deep in the woods to find the interesting items. Discover more on the forest adventure. You can be brave enough and go a dozen of miles where you can find several kinds of monsters. Or, if you wish to unwind and relax in a peaceful nature, you can easily head to the saloon and have some relaxing time. You can also go fishing if you ever feel lonely. This will help you in eradicating all the fear and will allow you to play with multiple friends at once. You can also make many new friends with other villagers. This is a win-win situation for you either way as it will let you win friends which is equivalent to more number of gifts.

Just like anybody else, the villagers of Stardew Valley are fond of various kinds and as mentioned in our previous articles. You need to get at least two gates and if it’s their birthday, you need to give them an extra gift. It has a direct impact on the friendship with the respective villager.

When you get the right kind of care is, on specific friendship points. But if you give the wrong gear that they absolutely hate then there is a probability that you may lose these points as well! There are many gifts that they may loathe or have a neutral reaction towards.

So, when this happens you do not lose any friendship point, and on the contrary, neither you on any! 

In this article, we will introduce you to a new villager – Linus. The Linus Stardew valley is a respectable villager that lives across the mines in a very small tent. He also looks like a grizzled old man that one can see in the woods.

To top it off, he does not trust anybody other than his own friends. And there is another rumor that has been spread that there is a Wizard that he has been friends with for a long time now.

When you are living close to the mines, Linus will take you deep down inside the mines and will mention all the details. If you wish to know more about his personality, it is important for him to venture down inside these mines and there is a high probability that you may run into a trouble yourself. But this is the only time when he will come and rescue you and will also share some quests.

After some time, you will receive a letter from Linus, where he will tell you that he has lost an item which was quite essential to him. This will happen on the 8th of the Fall. Followed with many other quests, we will also give you some huge rewards that will turn three times the items that have its base value as a reward. After that, you will also avail of 150 friendship points if you acquire and complete all the certain quests that are needed to be fulfilled.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Linus Edition

If you wish to know more such items on what to give him and whatnot, we have tried to create a small guide for you. It is essential that you earn most of these friendship points. Basically, he loves blueberry tarts and other things from the gift category. All of them come from the ‘Universal Loves’ category.

The things that Linus adores the most from this category are as follows:

  • Chanterelle mushrooms, 
  • Common Mushrooms, 
  • Dandelion, 
  • Hazelnut, 
  • Holly, 
  • Leeks, 
  • Morel, 
  • Purple Mushrooms, 
  • Snow yams, 
  • Winter Root, 
  • Wild Horseradish, and 
  • Spring Onion.

These are a few of the best gifts that are ideal for gifts and Linus. He will also reward you with the best of the friendship points. If you gave him one of these goods, he’ll revert back to you by saying, “This is a great gift. Thank you!”

But, just like anybody else he does not like all the gates. There are some of the skills that he absolutely hates and would like nobody gifting that to him. So, anything that comes from the universal neutrals, that will excite him the most! He does not really care if you are gifting him anything from the fish category. Make sure that you take the carp and the snail out of the list. Most of the cases, he dislikes anything from this Universal Dislikes category except Spring Onion and Fish. Oh, and the Foraged minerals and gems as well. There is a little exception in the diamonds and the prismatic shard as well. Anyway, make sure that you are not gifting anything from the Universal hates category to him.

All the characters in this game will reach a certain level of friendship and they will attain a specific number of hearts from each villager. So, when you reach the three hearts by Linus, he will send you a new recipe via mail. And if you get four hearts, you can easily enter the mountain area that is located near his own tent.

Usually, it remains a sunny or a snowy day and the timings are somewhere between 8 PM to 12 PM onward. You will also end up hearing him apologize for not believing in you in the initial period and will further teach you on how to make a Wild Bait that can be used in fishing.

Once you have reached the milestone of seven hearts, Linus will send you another recipe and this time it will one of his favorite fish recipes – the fish taco. Befriending Linus can help you in many parts of the game especially if you are out on an adventure. You can easily run inside in the miles and this will also help you with certain recipes that you can probably learn in the game. 

All the best!

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