Stardew valley Catfish: How to catch and uses of Catfish

Most activities in stardew valley are relaxing and one can easily learn them. However, when it comes to fishing, the story is quite different. You need some time to master the skill of fishing in stardew valley, Moreover, there are a plethora of fish available in the game and they require different methods to catch them.

There are many people that want to become experts in fishing but lack the skills to do so. If you are one such person and you want to improve then you are at the right spot. Also, if you want to take things up a notch and try catching difficult fishes like catfish you don’t need to look further. That said, without any second’s delay let’s begin:

How to catch a fish in stardew valley?

Catch a fish in stardew valley

Before talking about the stardew valley catfish, you must know how to fish properly in the game. Moreover, you need the proper equipment to increase your chances of catching a fish as well. First, let’s talk about the process of fishing in stardew valley:

  • Equip a fishing rod when you are near a river
  • Now press and hold the left mouse button
  • A progress bar will start filling, it will move from red to green, red being the closest location to the player and green being the farthest
  • Release the left mouse button to throw your line
  • Once a fish gets hooked on your bait, an exclamation point will appear near your bobber, click the left mouse button on it
  • A vertical bar with a fish icon and green brick will appear on your screen next to a vertical progress bar. The right-hand sidebar is your catch progress, it will keep filling till the fish icon stays over the green brick bar
  • Once the catch meter is full, you will catch the fish

Things to keep in mind while fishing

We hope now you understand how to catch a fish in stardew valley. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before catching a fish. Here is the list of things to take in consideration before you go fishing in stardew valley:

  • Never spam the mouse when catching a fish. All you need to do is keep the fish icon in front of the green brick and that can be achieved by slow left mouse clicks
  • Each pond is different and it takes patience on your side to catch a fish in different ponds
  • Always keep a slot empty in your inventory. Once in a while, you will catch seaweed or algae that can be eaten in order to replenish your energy while fishing
  • Keep the trash with you as you can turn it into useful items after you have crafted a recycler.
  • For quicker reaction time keep your mouse clicked when a line is a cast

These were all the tips that you needed to know before moving things up a level. Now, let’s discuss everything you need to know about stardew valley catfish. 

Where to find a catfish in stardew valley?

Catfish in stardew valley

For one thing, the Catfish must be acquired in a freshwater setting, which means the ocean is forbidden. The game itself gives this fish a legitimate portrayal taking note of that it’s a somewhat extraordinary catch. It likewise is going to give you a run for your cash with a difficulty rating of 75. 

The difficulty rating of the Catfish is additionally just 5 beneath that of the incredible Mutant Carp, making it one of the most troublesome fish to get in the game. We recommend getting in a lot of training before endeavoring to bring in this catch. You likewise might need to level your fishing aptitude and utilize a higher casting pole with trap to increase your odds.

The Catfish shows up at various spots in the game during explicit occasions. The Catfish can basically be found in the river. It must be found during Fall or Spring in this area and if it is raining in-game. It can likewise be found in the Secret Woods throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons while it is sprinkling down. The Catfish can be caught at any time in the day thus making it easier for you to manage other activities in the game.

The fish can likewise be gotten on the off chance that you picked the Riverside or Hilltop farming plots of course rain is an important factor, yet can be trapped in the seasons mentioned previously. 

The Catfish is additionally ready to be found in trash bins around Pelican Town. It is the main time the Catfish can be procured in the Winter and trash bins won’t produce Catfish on the off chance that it is Summer. The Catfish will likewise be accessible from the Witch’s Swamp later in the game during Fall and Spring. 

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Uses of Catfish

Catfish uses

Your job is not complete just after catching catfishes, you should know what are the proper uses of catfish, As that will help you in flourishing your farm. Catfish is not an ideal gift to give to your friends and fellow villagers. However, it is an amazing high energy snack. 

A poor quality catfish will give you 22 health and 50 energy. On the other hand, a top-quality catfish will give you 40 health and 90 energy. Also, this fish can be sold for money as well. It has a base price of 200G but with the Angler skill, it can be sold up to 450G. 

It can also get you 600G and 150 friendship points if a village requests you on board. Furthermore, if the request is made by Willy, you will get 200G per catfish and he will let you keep the catch to sell as a bonus.


This was the complete guide of stardew valley catfish. We hope now you are aware of everything related to not only catching a catfish but every fish as well. Lastly, we would like to say that make sure to go through the tips we mentioned before. Thus, you won’t make any rookie mistakes while catching a fish.

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