Sony pulls PS5 ad after fans spot an embarrassing error.

It seems the video game giants have been having a hard time with ads lately. Earlier this week Nintendo was ridiculed for its ridiculous Switch OLED model ad, and now Sony is being mocked for its latest PS5 ad. (Provigil) You’d think the company that made the PlayStation 5 would know the top of the console from the bottom, but it seems not.

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In a new video posted to Twitter this morning, Sony showed a Dad ending his day with a cheeky bit of God of War. But eagle-eyed fans immediately spotted that said Dad’s PS5 was upside-down. If you’re feeling lucky (and can trust yourself to position it correctly), here’s where to buy a PS5.

When positioned horizontally, the PS5’s disk drive should sit at the base of the console. But in the ad, said disk drive is clearly at the top. Heresy! Sony hasn’t commented on whether placing the console this way up could damage the internals – but it did opt to swiftly delete the video, suggesting that it doesn’t want to be seen to encourage it.

The PS5 was mercilessly mocked for its unconventional design last summer, and this new development isn’t doing it any favors – if Sony itself can make such a mistake, surely that suggests the design of the machine isn’t particularly intuitive? 

Ah well, at least Sony’s in good company. Just a few days ago, fans ridiculed Nintendo’s baffling decision to show a man playing Pokemon on his Switch… on a wooden bench… in his hallway. While we wait to see if Microsoft fancies joining the party with a clanger of its own, you can check out today’s best games console deals below. 

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