Sony confirms that there is no TV show or Movie for “God Of War” yet.

A new image from Sony’s upcoming Uncharted film has been revealed, showing off a new look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully. It’s also been confirmed that a God of War movie or TV show is not happening, at least not yet.

In the image, Holland is shining a flashlight on something with a serious look on his face. Wahlberg stands behind him, also appearing with a look that he and Holland are seeing something important. They’re standing inside of what might be a church. Presumably, they are on the hunt for some kind of artifact.

God of war
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The image was released as part of The New York Times’ story on the trend in Hollywood to create movies based on video games. Sony is pushing extra hard, recently opening a new division called PlayStation Productions that oversees all of Sony’s efforts to spin its game franchises into movies and TV shows.

Asad Qizilbash heads up PlayStation Productions. He told The New York Times that there are three main objectives for the company–“Grow audience size for games. Bring the product to Sony Pictures. Showcase collaboration.”

The same NYT story quoted a Sony spokesperson as saying there will not be a God of War movie or TV show anytime soon. “Contrary to speculation, one that is not, at least not anytime soon, according to a Sony spokesman: God of War,” the spokesperson said.

A God of War movie was originally set up at Universal, and the film studio even hired Saw veterans to write the script, but it seems plans may have changed.

The first image from the Uncharted movie, which was released in October 2020, showed Holland as Drake. Fans quickly pointed out that he’s missing Drake’s famous half-tuck.

In addition to the Uncharted film, PlayStation Productions is working with John Wick’s Chad Stahelski on a Ghost of Tsushima movie, while Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin is writing a TV show for HBO based on The Last of Us. Another Sony franchise, Twisted Metal, is being made into a TV show. PlayStation’s top boss, Jim Ryan, has told fans to expect more adaptations of Sony franchises down the road for film and TV.

The Uncharted movie, after numerous delays related to COVID-19 and other reasons, is scheduled for release in February 2022. After its run in theaters, the Uncharted movie will come to Netflix exclusively as part of Sony’s deal with the streaming company.

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