Sonic Colors is getting its glare back as Sega announces a few brand new Sonic games

One of the most beloved Sonic the Hedgehog games are making a return. Sega announced today that a remaster of Sonic Colors — called Sonic Colors: Ultimate — will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 7th.

new sonic games
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The platformer originally launched in 2010, garnering a cult following, and Sega says the new version will feature “stunning visuals, additional features, a new mode, and improved gameplay enhancements.” The game will also be getting a two-part animated tie-in called Rise of the Wisps. The first episode will be out later in the summer.

The announcement was the headlining piece of a Sonic-focused event, which included the reveal of several other games. Sega also announced that the next flagship Sonic title is in the works from Sonic Team — though no real details are available yet, aside from a 2022 release window — as well as a new collection of classic games called Sonic Origins, which will compile the first three games along with Sonic CD. Oh, and the animated Netflix series has a name: Sonic Prime.

Elsewhere, existing games are jumping to new platforms: Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing just launched on Amazon’s Luna cloud service; both of those games and Sonic Forces will be on PlayStation Now on June 1st, and Sonic Mania will be available through the Epic Games Store on June 24th.

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