Robin Stardew Valley: Quest, Schedule, and Gift guide

You must have noticed that Stardew Valley is not just a farm game. If you wish to become a villager, you need to become a member of the Stardew Valley community. So, if you have friends who can shop from Stardew Valley shop and could give you amazing gifts, Then you’re good to go. They must also share delicious recipes with you. You can easily unlock some special series that will trigger every single time a few of the hearts in the friendship circle. Usually, there is always one thing that helps in becoming friends with everybody. The magical thing in this farmland remains the gifting to the lovely people. All of them are fond of cats is you have chosen carefully and curated a customized one!

In case, if you choose the wrong date it will certainly cause a negative effect on your friendship. All the birthday gifts are of particular importance since they have eight times stronger impact on friendship. Make sure that you are giving each village or two gifts every week. In addition to this, try gifting an extra gift on his or her birthday, especially. This will create and strengthen the bond. In this article, we’ll talk about the character – Robin.

Basically, the stardew valley Robin is a carpenter and sells various items that are present in the carpenter’s shop. The shop usually opens every day starting from 9 in the morning up to 5 in the evening. Usually, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the shop remains closed. Robin lives in the house on 24 Mountain Road. She also has a spouse named as Demetrius, and they have 2 lovely kids – Sebastian and Maru. Whereas Sebastien as her son from her first marriage, that is proven that a couple of books in her room. all the books are built for second marriage such that it doesn’t become a stepfather.

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Robin stardew valley


There are a few quests relative to the Robin in this Stardew Valley game. The first question remains as “Robin’s lost ax”, and it certainly triggers whenever you receive a letter from Robin. She writes the letter whenever she lost her ax. So if you can help her to find the same, she will definitely give you 250 gold плед купить. There is another reward for the same cost which is located in a new heart on the scale of friendship with Robin.

On the winter 21st, you’ll be able to receive a new letter from Robin. During this time, she will ask you to bring her 10 pieces of hardwood. If you do so, you shall get 400 gold. Along with this, she will also give you another hard on the friendship scale. It’s a win-win situation either way!

Along with the Robbins, once you have found out the lost axe and a hardwood. You will also request another Stone or the Wood. Thereby, you can see a list of few requested items that our present outside the general store. This will give you an alarm of the “Help Wanted” board. Once you have given her the item, are you will get eight more times colder than its base cost. You will also receive 150 points of friendship.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Robin Edition

If you really are serious about impressing Robin, we would suggest you to give her spaghetti, Peach, Goat Cheese, Or any such item that can be gotten from Universal Loves. She is also fond of the very famous Quartz and Hardwood, дропшиппинг украина as well as Milk, and several kinds of fruits.

Robin will try to react neutrally if you gift her the following items:

  • Leek, 
  • Chanterelle, 
  • Winter Root, 
  • Dandelion, 
  • Morel, 
  • Common Mushroom, 
  • Hazelnut, 
  • Daffodil, 
  • Snow Yam, or 
  • Purple Mushroom.

Make sure that you are not gifting how are the wife horseradish as she strictly hates that. She is someone who hates Holly as well! Make sure that you’re not gifting any such item so try curating your gets quite precisely.

You can give Robin gets at least twice a week. Once done, you will become good friends with her. Make sure that you do not forget her birthday that falls on the 21st.

Heart Events

Once you have received more than zero points in your friendship with Robin, you will get a chance to avail of a gift hamper from her. The probability of gifts will increase and so would your friendship with her.

There is a six-heart event that is held at Robin’s house. You can visit her when she’s at home and you will see her cleaning a saw. There, you can have a small talk about various things such as handmade woolen items and you can also talk about the flute block as she will give you the same later on. Yet another thing is the drum block.

Once you have reached seven hearts with Robin, she will send you a letter with a recipe for the pumpkin soup. It might be a tasty that her grandmother used to cook for her.

Robin’s Schedule

Talking about Robin’s schedule, so if you wish to meet Robin you need to make an appointment and visit the Carpenter’s shop as she works there from 9 AM to 5 PM. On Tuesdays, she usually visits Carolyn and does some exercises to stay fit and in shape. Usually, on Fridays, her days are spent at the saloon at 4 PM. After that, she goes to meet Demetrius and you can see them dance on their favorite song. When it starts raining, постільна білизна купити she tries not to leave her home. 

You can also hire Robin to upgrade your buildings or have a new construction any day. Usually, her shop remains closed once she is working on the buildings. After the completion, she resumes to her work.

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