How to Save Reddit Posts? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!

We see a completely fresh feed every time we press the refresh button because we have subscribed to over a hundred interesting subreddits. But occasionally, we’ve tried to recall a really intriguing post we read somewhere in the past, but we don’t know where to look.

Before we began to preserve posts and comments on our Reddit feed, we found ourselves in this predicament much too frequently.

You can save posts and comments on Reddit to your bookmarks for later access. The Saved tab has them all nicely arranged, and you can view and interact with them just like you would on your Reddit feed. This is how to use Reddit’s mobile app and web browser version.

How to Save Reddit Posts?

Let’s start by examining how to bookmark a Reddit post while you browse through your feed. We have included instructions on how to save Reddit posts on the online app and mobile app, as the procedures vary. Let’s start with the earlier one.

On iOS and Android, store Reddit posts.

reddit saved
  • Launch the Reddit app, then select the Share option next to the post you wish to bookmark.
  • Click the Save option at this point.

Now that it’s bookmarked, the post is simple to locate in the saved section.

Save Posts on Reddit Using the Web App

  • Launch Reddit on your web browser, log in, and select the “Save” option located beneath the post you wish to keep.
  • By doing this, the post will be bookmarked and kept in the Saved area.

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How to View Saved Posts on Reddit?

reddit saved

All of the posts you want to save to your Reddit account are bookmarkable using this feature.

Reddit then puts these posts together into a list that you may review at a later time.

On the web:

  • Navigate to your profile and select the Saved tab to see the posts you’ve saved.

On the iOS and Android apps:

  • Launch the application on your Android, iOS iPhone, or iPad.
  • Tap your avatar to bring up your profile menu, then tap the Saved symbol to see your saved posts.

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