How To Recover Deleted Text Messages in Android and iOS

It can befall any individual. You discover that a crucial text was inadvertently erased while looking through your phone.

Remain calm.

After assisting thousands of clients in sending millions of emails, we can tell you that we have picked up a few tips.

Text messages that have been erased can be recovered.

If you want to retrieve your deleted messages fast and safely, follow this step-by-step approach.

How to Recover Deleted Texts on Android

Fortunately, your data is not permanently lost if you inadvertently erase texts from your Android phone.

Thus, moving swiftly is the best course of action for retrieving your communications.

Google Drive Backup

You must already have Google Drive backups enabled on your device in order to use this option.

If so, all you have to do to find your backed-up data is open the Settings app on your phone, select “System,” and then “Backup.”

recently deleted messages

In this scenario, starting a factory reset is the alternative method to recover your data.

Use the Google account that you originally used to back up your data when your phone asks you to log in.

To retrieve your texts, simply choose the “SMS Messages” option at the end.

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How To Restore Deleted Text Messages Using iCloud

Text messages are often automatically backed up to the iCloud on iPhones. Every iPhone owner is entitled to 5GB of free iCloud storage.

It’s probable that all of your text message data is securely saved if you’ve upgraded your account.

1. determine whether there is a backup that dates back to the time the messages were removed. Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups under [Your Name].

(Note: Your device will need its own backup in order to restore any additions made after the backup you choose).

recently deleted messages

2. You must reset your smartphone by navigating to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings when you’ve located the correct backup.

recently deleted messages

3. Your gadget will inquire as to how you would like it to be configured. To restore it from an iCloud backup, choose that option.

4. The deleted messages will then be retrieved when your device restores its data to the chosen backup.

recently deleted messages

How To Restore Deleted Text Messages Using iCloud

This is the simplest method for recovering deleted text messages from your iPhone if you routinely back up your device to your computer.

Link your PC and iPhone together.

If Finder doesn’t open automatically, open it (or iTunes on macOS Mojave, and before).

Navigate to the sidebar and pick your gadget.

Next, select “Restore iPhone.”

That is all. You now have access to every text from your most recent backup on your smartphone.

Please be aware that your most recent backup will take the place of your current data when using this approach.

How To Restore Deleted Text Messages Using Third-Party Apps

The act of clicking “delete” does not guarantee that your message has been removed.

Using a third-party data recovery program, you might still be able to retrieve lost iPhone data if you don’t utilize iTunes or iCloud to save your data. Android-powered smartphones may also use these apps.

However, be advised that there is a sizable market for programs that claim to recover data but don’t really function all that well.

It is advisable to avoid dealing with firms if their websites lack contact information or a clear description of how the recovery procedure will operate.

Tenorshare Ulta iPhone Data Recovery and PhoneRescue by iMobie are two reputable businesses.

Tips for Getting Old Messages Back

Let’s discuss a few more practical suggestions for avoiding and recovering lost messages now that you are aware of how to retrieve communications after they have been lost.

Have Regular Backups to Prevent Headaches

Maintaining an up-to-date backup of your critical information and communications is usually a smart idea.

In this manner, you won’t ever have to be concerned about inadvertently losing a crucial SMS message.

Never Use Your Own Phone

We receive daily reports from clients who utilize their personal phones for work-related purposes.

This is really alluring, particularly for small business owners on a tight budget.

However, although this could be handy initially, it gets difficult to handle quickly.

If you delete crucial business communications when all you intended to do was unsubscribe from a group text that doesn’t interest you, it may also result in expensive errors.

It is recommended that you utilize a business texting provider if you are sending messages on behalf of your company.

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Speak with your carrier

Contacting your mobile phone provider about the matter is one last option you have to maybe get your erased or misplaced SMS back.

If you can’t recover your texts any other way, it’s worth the effort to see how long carriers save text messages. Depending on the firm, you could need a court order to access your old data.

The Wrap on Recovering Deleted Texts

Everyone makes mistakes and occasionally misunderstands a message.

However, if texting is a major component of your company’s communication strategy, it makes sense to store all of your texts in one secure location—not on your phone.

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