Penny Stardew Valley: Schedule and Gift Guide

We always keep introducing so many women gamers and Stardew Valley, in case you are already exhausted from getting bored on this farm, you can start thinking of working a private life. In totality, there are 12 characters from which you can choose your favorite character. It’s on you, whether to date, marry on any of these characters. It also requires a certain form of preparation.

In this article, we’ll talk about Stardew valley Penny. She is a very nice girl that lives with her mother across the river. Her personality trait is of a quiet woman and a little bit shy too! However, she wants to have her own family. She enjoys cooking even if she is not best at that, she still tries. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading books. 

As you already know that in this farmland, romance is typically based on the gifts that you gave and send out. Each and every week, you must give the villager say, two or three gifts on his/her birthday. (Especially) Make sure that you are gifting them according to their preferences and just similar to real life. All of them have their particular traits and customizations when it comes to gifts. Therefore, one must know what to pick for the individual respectively. Needless to say, you must know them in person as well. So talk to the villagers and understand what other details are followed. We have tried to create a schedule that will help you in understanding Penny’s location and its whereabouts.

penny stardew valley

Penny: Stardew Valley Schedule

Most of the time, you can find any at the museum, in her trailer, where she teaches Jas and Vincent. Typically, her behavior would also change according to the season type. During the spring season, she is usually found at the trailer, reading books by the graveyard. From 4 PM onwards, you can find her sitting with Maru near the saloon.

In the summer season, Penny walks to the trailer and does all the dishes by herself. During the sunny days, she often goes to the Carpenter’s shop. She likes to spend some time by the River that is located near the JojaMart. especially on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. After that, she walks to the community center. She has kept Tuesdays and Saturdays for graveyard visits. She loves spending some time with her kids and takes them to Emily’s place on Saturdays. And on Wednesdays and Fridays, she keeps the morning time for the museum. In the meantime, she also walks near the bridge in the Pelican town. She also walks Jas and Vincent. 

During the fall season, you can find her reading books near the graveyard on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. You can also find her sitting on the bench outside the saloon. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, she is most probably to be found at the museum by 9 AM in the morning. She also takes okay to the home and you can meet her near 2 Willow Lane and the Marnie Ranch. And on Saturdays, she is found at the playground with Vincent and Jas. After that, she goes back to her home and returns to the trailer by 8:40 in the night.

In the winter season, she tries to follow by her strict regime and a schedule to do all the household tasks initially. After that, you can find her anywhere near graveyard reading and enjoying her ‘me time’. Usually, she has kept Wednesday and Friday to be with Vincent and Jas Museum’s visit from 10 AM onwards to 2 PM. After that, she is again walking her kids back to home and visits Marnie’s Ranch and 2 Willow Lane. Again on Saturdays, you can meet her by the playground that is just next to Emily’s house. On winter the fourth, she usually visits to Harvey’s clinic and if the community center is restored she just spends her time walking around.

Make sure that you do not forget that these villagers might as will change their usual behavior when it starts raining. Penny has no expectations.

Now you are already sure of where to find Penny, so let’s just move further. In this stanza, we’ll talk about what to gift her. As you must have already read our previous articles and you must be aware that gifts should be accurately curated. It can impact eight times more on the relationships. Therefore we have created a mini gift guide that you can follow.

Stardew Valley gift guide: Penny Edition

If you wish to impress her absolute best, make sure that you gift her anything except the Rabbit’s foot. Penny in love with diamond, Poppy, melon, poppyseed muffin, Red plate, Emerald, Sandfish, roots platter, and Poppyseed Muffin. 

Penny is also fond of dandelions and leek, all kinds of milk. She is basically neutral to Snow Yam, Morel, Chanterelle, winter route, daffodils, While horseradish, hazelnut, Winter route, and common mushroom. 

Make sure that you’re not gifting her the following things:

  • Purple Mushroom,
  • Wool, 
  • Quartz, 
  • Salmonberry, 
  • Algae Soup, 
  • Purple Mushroom, 
  • Duck Feather, 
  • Red Mushroom, and 
  • Pale Broth.

She considers some of these items under the worst umbrella. It may also make Penny mad. To make sure that you’re not gifting her any kind of rabbit’s foot, grapes, wine, Holly, Pale Ale, Beer, or Mead. 

Talking about Penny’s marriage, it is quite impossible without having any romantic story behind. Let’s take a quick glance at the heart of events. There are a few romance options.

Usually, Pelican town holds two heart events that occur is from 9 AM onwards till 2 PM. You can see Pennie helping George to get some flowers in the mailbox.

However, he’ll be upset because he certainly cannot help you and would not like you to be treated as an old man. But, if you tell everything right, you can achieve +50 friendship points.

There is another eight heart event that happens in the Cindersap forest, from 9 Am to 4 Pm. She will definitely ask you to join with her kids and you can take a walk. You’ll know more about her family, kids, and other personal stuff related to her.

After that, there will be a 10 heart event that will occur at the spa where you will be able to receive a letter with an invitation. In this event, she will tell you about her feelings and you may kiss her.

We wish you all the best for your happy ever after!

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