Pam Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide and Quests

We usually keep introducing a lot of people of Stardew Valley. In this article, we are going to talk about PAM. She lives in the Pelican town that is located on the west of the riverside. She usually shares her trailer with her daughter – penny. Earlier she used to be a bus driver but, as the vast is broken down there is no choice. So if any of you who is reading this article and wants to get back to work, you can easily complete the bundles for Junimos or purchase the Bus repair (it costs 40,000 gold). 

Pam Stardew valley

Once appeared, she will start working again. The Stardew valley Pam works on a daily basis except for the rainy days. Her schedule is as follows.


If the bus stop is broken, she is mostly found to spend more time in her trailer. When the clock strikes 12 PM, she gets ready and visits the JoJo mart and by 4 PM, She’s all set to walk to the Stardrop Saloon. Gus remains the owner of the place and is also considered her best friend. You can easily find Pam in the saloon almost every evening.

On the 25th day of the spring season, stardew valley pam house, She visits Dr. Harvey in the clinic. We’d suggest not to plan a trip to the Desert, particularly on this day.

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Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Pam Edition

As you must have noticed that the friendship in this arena is mixed with girls and basically works accordingly. So if you give Pam two gifts every week, you will definitely become her got friends for sure. All these birthday gifts hold quite an importance in the effect of the friendship which can be multiplied by 8X. Her birthday also falls on the 18th of the spring season so make sure that you’re prepared and have chosen a perfect gift for the lady. We can easily help you with the list of best and the worst kids. Read further to know more! You can select a few of these as Pam loves them:

  • Cactus Fruit, 
  • Mead, Beer, 
  • Pale Ale, 
  • Parsnip Soup, 
  • Glazed Yams, and 
  • Parsnip.

You can also impress her by gifting her the most loved item by all the villagers such as fruits, milk, and Daffodils.

She is neutral to following gifts:

  • Winter Root, 
  • Dandelion, 
  • Snow Yam, 
  • Common Mushroom, 
  • Morel, 
  • Hazelnut, 
  • Chanterelle, 
  • Leek, and 
  • Purple Mushroom.

Pan does not like eggs, quartz, Wild Horseradish. Make sure that you do not give to octopus, squid, Holly, Harshi absolutely hate these items.


If you wish to become how are friends with other villagers, you need to unlock various questions that will make your Stardew Valley game a little bit interesting and much more diverse. On the 14th of the summer season, Pam may ask you to bring pale ale. If you do that, you can win 350 gold and a friendship heart from her end.

During the second year in Stardew Valley, On the 19th of the fall season, she requests a battery pack. This quest helps in giving her the opportunity to earn 400 gold and another Friendship heart from our side.

Just like any other villagers, you can leave her multiple requests on the “Help Wanted” board. It is situated near the Pierre’s General Store. All the items present on this board will give you at least three times more gold than the regular value combined with 150 friendship points.

Talking about the friendship points, one can notice that they will turn the friendship hearts. A few number of heart triggers can have special events in these following games And it further is known as heart events.

Heart Events

Now that you have received three hearts with Pam, you will receive a letter from her side. This letter will have the recipe for the creation of cheese cauliflower. It is a perfect dish that will increase your energy by 138 points, and will also give you 62 health points.

The seven-heart event with Pam is another recipe. This time, it will be Stuffing. This cool dish boosts your defense by 2 points. The effect lasts for five minutes and thirty-five seconds. It also gives you 170 points of energy and 76 health points.

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