Nintendo Switch Pro price revealed by French retailer could launch next week

Nintendo will reportedly announce its update to the Switch next week – ahead of E3 2021. We might even know how much the Nintendo Switch Pro will cost. (
The much-rumored console was spotted in a French retailer’s stock database, priced at €399 (around £343).

Nintendo Switch pro
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Ninted’Alerts on Twitter (via VGC) posted two screengrabs, one of the SKU (stock keeping unit) and another of the product listing on the webpage which isn’t yet available to the public.
Not only is the pricing interesting, but their existence also adds further weight to speculation Nintendo will announce its upgraded machine before E3 starting mid-June. That means we could hear something official next week.
This is on top of a similar stock listing on the Mexican version of Amazon, which was discovered at the end of May.
If true, the €399 price puts it around €100 more expensive than the existing Switch. That makes sense really, considering the Pro is thought to be 4K capable, support Nvidia’s DLSS tech, and have a much beefier processor.
We’ll let you know if and when we find out more.

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