Must-Have Gaming Accessories for Serious Gamers Buy Online

Gaming, like watching movies or TV shows, is the ultimate way to de-stress yourself after a long day, connect with your buddies, and appreciate interesting gameplay. And if you have Spectrum business bill pay services to pay for an internet connection, then you would be able to enjoy it even more! However, for that, not only will you need one of the best games but you will need accessories to double the fun and make the most out of the game itself.

Let’s have a look at the cool-to-have and must-have accessories that can deliver a more fast-paced, immersive experience when you are HD gaming:

1: A High-Res Monitor 

Honestly, you can’t enjoy any game without good visuals and so, a high-resolution monitor is essential! 

A high-resolution monitor lets you appreciate a game’s graphics. BenQ’s 28-inch 4K display is the ultimate choice in case you are looking for a recommendation. It was designed exclusively for gamers. This monitor comes with two HDMI connectors and a DisplayPort port, allowing you to connect your gaming PC and consoles simultaneously. It supports HDR (high dynamic range), a video technology that makes colors appear more realistic.

Look for a monitor that uses ambient light sensors for adjusting the color of the monitor automatically based on day and night. The player won’t have to stop the game in the middle to adjust the settings.

2: Stereo Speakers

If you are the type of gamer who prefers headsets, then skip this one. But if you have a separate game room and you can afford speakers, then give it a go!

Edifier’s R1280DBs are one of the greatest sets of mid-sized bookshelf speakers you can buy. These two 17-inch powered speakers feature a two-driver system with a 4-inch bass driver and a .75-inch tweeter. The right speaker has bass and treble controls, allowing you to fine-tune the sound. 

video games are primarily a visual medium, but these stereo speakers will allow you to appreciate the music and ambient noises that make everything seem real.

3: Backlit Keyboard

Okay, you can’t ignore the keyboard you will be using to play the game. An ordinary keyword won’t do the trick. ( What you need is a specially designed gaming keyboard created to make PC gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

A backlit keyboard from Ornata is a nice accessory. It features a broad, cushioned wrist rest as well as mid-height keys with a mecha-membrane that makes pressing them easier. the wrist rest is detachable, you can easily remove it if it’s getting in the way of your performance.

4: Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Most PC gamers prefer to play with a keyboard and mouse, but if you want to play with a gamepad, Microsoft’s Xbox Core Controller is a good option.

Two analog sticks, four face buttons, four triggers, and a directional pad make up the controller’s conventional layout. With this arrangement, the Core Controller works well with almost any game. You can always test out other controllers based on what features you like.

5: Smart Lighting

In a game room, ordinary LED lights don’t fit, and if your game night and day, you must invest in smart lights. With a set of Philips Hue Play Smart Lights, you can take your game lights to the next level. The lights can be turned into different colors. Pick whatever color is soothing to your eyes and makes the atmosphere fun.

The color of the lights can be changed using the Philips Hue app on your smartphone and they can be linked with other Philips Hue smart lights to create a unique gaming atmosphere in your home.

6: A Pair of Glasses

Since you would be gaming and continuous exposure to light can affect your eyes, don’t forget a pair of blue light reduction glasses.

Overexposure to blue light can mess up your sleep schedule by deceiving your brain into believing it’s daytime. The best approach to reduce your exposure to blue light is to wear a set of specially-designed glasses. By employing lenses with a slightly amber hue, blue light reduction glasses can filter out 90 percent of blue light before it reaches your eyes, providing UV protection. These glasses, include sturdy hinges, comfy nose pads, and a curved temple, making them comfortable to wear for as long as you want without causing discomfort. 

7: Some Planters 

It’s easy for gamers to get carried away in the gameplay and hours and hours of sessions with friends. You can literally become a game zombie and lose connection with nature. To stay in touch, don’t mind placing planters on your desk. Who knows they might remind you to get out of your chair and get some natural vitamin D!

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