Jodi Stardew valley: Gift, Relationship and quest guide

You must have noticed that it is not at all fun and games to be a loner or stay single for a long time. For a fact, we are not talking about the real. life, but also in Stardew Valley. There are so many people that are living in Pelican Town and have their own wide experiences that sometimes can be helpful for you. Let’s help you by quoting an example: Many villagers have a notion to send letters that have new recipes written all over and when you earn a certain quantity of friendship points with yourself, you can achieve that too! It might sound a bit complex so, let’s help understand the basics. 

You can easily become friends with any villager here. All you need to know about the prerequisites are that what gifts do they like, and where to find that at any given point in time. So, if you want to befriend somebody from the village you need to make sure that you are sending out at least two gifts every week to the particular character. That’s how you’re going to earn new friendship points for each character you opt for. 

All the birthday gifts are quintessential as they hold an important place in the heart and the right effect on friendship. However, you need to select the gifts with the right precision because if some character does not appreciate your gift then you will lose the friendship points and it can be marked as a significant loss. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the character – Jodi. Stardew valley Jodi has been the talk of the town. She belongs to the Pelican Town and has two kids – Vincent and Sam. Her best friend’s name is Caroline and sometimes, they take exercise classes along with other ladies. She is married to Kent so basically, she is not single but at least you can become her best friend. Now, let’s discuss the best gifts that can be gifted and loved by Stardew valley Jodi.

Jodi Stardew valley

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Jodi Edition

Like we mentioned earlier, you can give any villager at least two gifts per week. And in cases, if you have already done that and her birthday has appeared, then don’t mind giving an extra present. Her birthday falls on the 11th of the Fall season. 

She preferably loves all the items that are classified as Universal Loves. She will also appreciate the beauty of Diamond, Vegetable Medley, Chocolate Cake, Rhubarb Pie, and Pancakes, Fried Eel, Crispy Bass, etc. She is also fond of fruits, eggs, and milk (except the void eggs and spice berries)

There will be a neutral reaction for varied items in the Universal Neutral category and she won’t like Winter Root, Garlic, Chanterelle, Leek, Garlic, Wild Horseradish, Morel, Hazelnut, Holly, and Snow Yam. Just a gentle suggestion – DO NOT give her Daffodil or Dandelion, Jodi Spice Berry unless you want her to hate you. 

Jodi Relationship Guide

All the friendship points that you are going to on will be displayed on the scale that will show multiple hearts. So, if you gain more than zero hearts, Jodi then will give you a gift in return. Yes, that will be directly mailed to you. There is a high probability that your friendship will also be intensified with her. These heart points will help in unlocking special advantages like special dialogues. If you achieve the two heart events, you may find a letter from Kent. In this story, he will let you know about the army that he has seen many bad things occur to himself. He will also ask her life to never forget that the kids are the most essential part of their life and he shouldn’t be acting in the same way.

During the first year of the Army in Stardew Valley, Kent used to serve there. He returns back home after a year during the spring season. But little do Jodi and Vincent are aware of the same and do not realize that he’s already back for a short duration.

Basically, once you achieve three hearts from Jodi, she will send you a Fried Calamari recipe. This will definitely boost your health levels by 36 points and energy levels by 80 points. And, it can be sold later for 150 gold.

The famous event, four heart events will trigger you if you leave the farm from 6 AM to 9:30 AM. Jodi will be waiting for you at the dinner and will ask you to bring a Largemouth Bass. She will later use this fish to make the casserole.

In the seven-heart event, it will be another recipe – Ice Cream. This will intensify your energy levels by 100 points and health by another 45 points. In the latter use; you can sell it off for 120 gold. 

Jodi Quests

When you have made a few friends, this will further allow and ensure you in allowing various quests. You will receive a letter from Jodi where she will ask you to bring a cauliflower on spring 19th. If you do that you will automatically on a friendship heart along with the 350 gold prize.

Oh, and did we mention the ‘Fish Casserole’ quest in the beginning. You will have to bring Jodi a Largemouth Bass and then you may win a chance to have dinner with her and her kids. However, this is not a reward like. There are many other villagers as well that may ask you to bring random items. So, you may need to go to the Pierre’s General Store and seek the “Help Wanted” board outside. 


This may work as a chance for you to win the quest and have some leisure time with her. This way, you will be rewarded through the triple basic price of the particular item. In addition to this, you will also achieve 150 friendship points for the ones who do a request.

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