Lost Your AirPods? Here’s How to Find Them!

A fantastic technological innovation, AirPods provide cordless comfort and excellent sound quality. Nevertheless, because of their small size, they are more likely to be lost or misplaced.

You don’t need to panic if you’re in the annoying position of not knowing where your AirPods are—there are a number of techniques and resources available to assist you in finding them. We’ll go over how to locate your misplaced Air Pods step-by-step in this article.

Method 1: Use the “Find My” App (iOS Devices Only)

how to find airpods
  • Use the “Find My” app on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device to find your AirPods. That’s how:
  • Launch the “Find My” App: Launch the “Find My” app on your iOS device. You can look for it in the App Library if you can’t locate it on your home screen.
  • Use the Apple ID connected to your Air Pods to log in.
  • The “Devices” tab at the bottom of the screen should be tapped.
  • You can choose your Air Pods from the list of devices. Even if they’re not in their case right now, they ought to show up as long as they’re linked to your iPhone. If your Air Pods are within Bluetooth range, the app will display on a map the last known location of your devices. It will show you the last place they were linked to your device if they are out of range.
  • Once your AirPods are out of sight but close by, you can press “Play Sound.” This will make your AirPods make a loud noise, which will aid in finding them.

Method 2: Use Bluetooth Tracking (Android and iOS Devices)

how to find airpods
  • In the event that the “Find My” app isn’t working for you, you might use Bluetooth monitoring apps such as “Find My Device” for Android or “Find My” for iOS. That’s how:
  • Turn on Bluetooth: Make sure your AirPods are not in their case and that Bluetooth is switched on.
  • To pair your AirPods, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and locate your AirPods in the available devices list. You will be able to view their last known location on a map once they have been matched.
  • You can utilize the “Play Sound” option in the Bluetooth settings to activate the sound of your AirPods if they are in close proximity.

Method 3: Use Third-Party Tracking Apps

how to find airpods

You can find your AirPods using a number of third-party monitoring apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Popular choices are “Find My Bluetooth Devices” for Android and “Find My Headphones & Earbuds” for iOS. These apps frequently offer extra functionality and customization choices for finding your AirPods.

  • Install a Tracking App: From the app store on your device, download and install a third-party tracking app.
  • Obey the app’s instructions: To find your AirPods, open the app and follow the on-screen directions. This could entail employing additional tracking techniques or searching for neighboring Bluetooth devices.
  • Utilize App Features: To assist you in finding your AirPods, a number of tracking apps include features like location history, programmable search parameters, and audible alerts.

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Method 4: Manually Search for Your AirPods

If none of the aforementioned techniques work, you can try doing a manual search for your AirPods. Next are some pointers:

  • Retrace Your Steps: Go back to the location where you last used your AirPods. Examine the areas you’ve been, such as your house, place of work, vehicle, and any other sites you frequently visit.
  • Examine Common Spots: Due to their compact size, AirPods are simple to tuck into purses, couch cushions, and car seat gaps. Investigate these typical locations where they might be hiding.
  • Listen Carefully: Your AirPods can still be close by even if they are not in their case and are linked to your device. Pay close attention to any audible clues that can point you in their direction.
  • Employ the “Find My” App Sound Feature: If your AirPods are connected and you have the “Find My” app open, you may use the “Play Sound” feature to cause them to create a sound, which will help you find them if they are in Bluetooth range.

Method 5: Replace Lost AirPods

how to find airpods

Should everything else fail and you still can’t find your AirPods, you can always get new ones by using Apple’s official service. Removing and replacing the charging case or individual AirPods can be expensive, so this should only be done as a last resort after all other methods have been tried.

Preventing Future Loss

Although losing your AirPods can be annoying, there are things you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again:

  • Keep Them in the Case: Develop the habit of putting your AirPods back in their charging case whenever you’re not using them. This helps you keep track of them in addition to keeping them charged.
  • Utilize a Tracking Accessory: Take into account utilizing third-party accessories, like as AirPods cases that come equipped with tracking capabilities. You can use Bluetooth to find your AirPods with the aid of these cases.
  • Keep Yourself Organized: When not in use, give your AirPods a designated place. This could be a specific pouch, case, or drawer in your luggage.
  • Turn on “Find My”: If you use an iOS smartphone, confirm that your AirPods have “Find My” turned on. If they ever disappear, it will be simpler to find them thanks to this.

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Losing your Air Pods might be a frustrating experience, but you can locate them using a variety of techniques and resources. The important thing is to move fast and methodically, whether you utilize third-party apps, Bluetooth monitoring, the “Find My” app, or just a manual search. Preventive actions can also lessen the likelihood that you will lose your Air Pods in the first place.

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