The Easiest Way for Deleting Apps from Your Mac!

Uninstall Apps on Your Mac

An program can be removed from your Mac and its storage space freed up for other things by deleting or uninstalling it. Launchpad or the Finder are two places to do this.

Use Launchpad to Delete Apps that Were Downloaded from The App Store

You may easily remove programs that you downloaded from the App Store using Launchpad.

Click Launchpad in the Dock to open it, or open it from the Applications folder. Alternatively, use your thumb and three fingers to pinch shut on your trackpad.

Enter the app’s name in the Launchpad search bar at the top if you are unable to view it there. If your trackpad has more than one page of apps, you can flip between them by either pressing the dots at the bottom of the screen or using two fingers to swipe right or left.

To make the apps jiggle, either click and hold any app or press and hold the Option key.

To delete an app, click the Delete button next to it, and then click the same button again to confirm. The app will be removed right away.

how to delete apps on mac

In the event that you are unable to remove an app from Launchpad: Only apps that you have downloaded from the App Store will have the Delete icon visible. Use the Finder to remove other apps instead.

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Use the Finder to Delete Apps

By clicking the Finder icon in the Dock or your desktop, you can navigate to the Finder.

Choose the app that you wish to remove.

Click Applications in the sidebar of any Finder window to open your Applications folder, which contains the majority of your software. Alternatively, select Go > Applications from the Finder’s menu bar.

To move the app to the Bin, use any of the following methods:

App can be dragged to the Bin.

Choose File > Move to Bin from the menu bar after selecting the application.

Choose the application and hit the keyboard shortcut Command-Delete.

If prompted for a username and password, input the credentials for a Mac administrator account. Usually, you use your username and password to access your Mac.

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After transferring the app to the Bin, select Finder > Empty Bin to remove it.

how to delete apps on mac

If an app cannot be moved to the Bin, you cannot use the Finder to remove apps that your Mac needs, like many of the installed apps from macOS.

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