How to complete Destiny 2’s Pain and Gain quest

Whether or not you’re new to Destiny 2 or a veteran, one of the central missions you’ll most likely run over in Shadowkeep is Pain and Gain. This mission rewards you with the Riskrunner vivid SMG and the Riskrunner Catalyst, which makes the weapon extensively more amazing. Considering this mission chain needn’t bother with a great deal of effort, it’s absolutely worth doing right away. 

One interesting point 

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The Riskrunner compensated for this mission is a Powerful structure, which suggests it goes with an out and out higher light level than what should normally drop for you. Without getting into the abominable, Powerful drops are sometimes best left for after you’ve shown up at the new fragile cap of light level 900. At the point when you show up, simply Powerful loot will be an update for you. If you genuinely need to min-max your devastating, it might justify holding up until you’re 900 going before grabbing Riskrunner to ensure that it’s the most noteworthy structure you can get. Or on the other hand you can essentially get it now since it’s cool as damnation. 

Destiny 2 Pain and Gain and Riskrunner Guide 

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Before you can take on Pain and Gain, you need to complete the principle story mission for the Shadowkeep expansion. This is direct: Just go to the Moon and the mission will therefore begin. 

At whatever point you’ve completed it, you can scramble toward the Tower. Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, will have the Pain and Gain mission keeping things under control for you. Completing this underlying advance of the mission is ridiculously direct and requires doing each day practices that any veteran will torrent through easily. In the event that you’re new, here’s a more express breakdown: 

Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ: This is basic. Head to Earth and look for the pictures that seem like a doorway with a spot in them dispersed all through the guide. Each one prompts somewhat more modest than typical jail with an administrator close to the end. Execute the boss, loot the chest, and you’re done. 

Courageous Public Event completed: Public Events deliver periodically over each zone, yet setting off their Heroic structure requires fulfilling unequivocal models. Veteran players habitually do this normally, yet you can similarly investigate the Heroic necessities for each occasion. 

Dusk Strike completed: These are more inconvenient transformations of conventional strikes that can be gotten to from the Vanguard playlist in the Director menu. You’ll require two partners, in any case, since they don’t have matchmaking. 

Stage 1 – Joy In Suffering 

To get the mission, you need to visit Banshee-44. After you have it, you’ll need to battle three interesting activities. First is a Lost Sector in the EDZ, not massively going after for any Guardian. Basically head to the EDZ and pick the Lost Sector you excessive wrapping up. Maybe do one you haven’t to ensure you can tick it off? 

The accompanying development is any Heroic Public Event. Public Events are all finished, and you’ll more than likely go more than once while on the EDZ. Complete that, and a while later move onto the solitary veritable test for this excursion step. 

The last development is a Nightfall Strike. These were much harder without matchmaking, however at this point, it’s there, you can work together with two or three Guardians and get rolling. The single trouble you may have is a shortfall of Power Level. If that is the circumstance, gain some more, and return later. 

Stage 2 – Risk/Reward 

This movement of the mission takes you to the Cosmodrome, where you need to kill a Devil Walker. This is the zone that you recall from Destiny 1, and Destiny 2 New Light Guardians will work through on their way to deal with accumulating their boat. 

Murder all of the three Fallen Captains, by then the Walker, and you’ll be fine. Move beyond the as of now open entrance, and complete the bouncing riddle that you’ll be given. 

Around the completion of the skipping puzzle, you’ll find a table with a picture of a chicken on it. Accumulate your new weapon, Riskrunner, and devastate the Fallen that by then start to assault you. 

Stage 3 – Return Home 

All you need to do now is head back to the Tower and address Banshee-44. He’ll just stop briefly to chat with you about Cayde-6, and you should now have your Riskrunner in addition to its Exotic Catalyst. 

Sounds straightforward right? that is because it is. Whether or not you simply make them even seven days to play Destiny 2, this is an excursion worth doing. There’s a limited test, however, then again there’s a truly unimaginable prize. 

At whatever point you’ve completed these three mission steps, the Pain and Gain venture is displaced by another excursion called Risk/Reward. Go into your stock and track this new mission, which takes you to the EDZ on Earth. ( This mission can be dispatched directly from the EDZ guide of Earth, and it returns you to the Cosmodrome domain that new Destiny 2 players fight through. 

This piece of the excursion is definitely not hard to follow. You’ll progress toward a colossal bleeding edge where a creepy-crawly tank irregularly delivers and you are endowed with butchering three Dusk Captains that in like manner produce conflictingly. 

Killing the three chiefs gives you another mission marker that carries you into a secret locale with a bouncing riddle. Everything here is clearly stepped, so it’s really hard to get lost. Close to the completion of the bouncing riddle, the excursion marker will guide you to get a thing on a table that winds up being the Riskrunner SMG. 

Resulting in getting Riskrunner, another segment will open up that prompts a limit boss. Use your extreme new vivid SMG to cut him down (you don’t have to, yet why wouldn’t you?) and you’ll procure the Riskrunner Catalyst. This thing is to some degree like an excursion in itself, and by completing its objectives you’ll make your Riskrunner fundamentally more amazing.


We hope now you have complete knowledge about Destiny 2 pain and gain. If you were stuck at this part of the game, we are pretty sure this guide will help you navigate through this mission and help you enjoy the game in the future.

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