Haley Stardew Valley: Schedule and Gift Guide

To be popular and wealthy throughout the high school phase, it has made Haley a bit self-centred. So much so, she has a tendency to judge people for random reasons that are superficial. But, is it still late to discover a new meaning to life? To unveil an open minded young woman who is fun and is well hidden within the candy coated shell.

In Stardew Valley, we keep on introducing various girls. And in this article as well, we’ll talk about this new character – Haley.

No doubt, she is known all across the village and is considered as one of the most glamorous characters that remain an easy target to catch sympathy.

We have created a few useful tips that will surely impress her and will help you in getting married sooner. 

Haley is a bit prejudiced and she is also known as to be selfish. She judges people by unnecessary details such as a smart lady under the mask of a Barbie girl. To top it off, she is one of the 12 characters that you can marry in Pelican town. You cannot imagine romance in Stardew Valley if you have not prepared well and have created a good reputation amidst. That’s why we are here to help you out! We have created a mini schedule that will help you in finding the way to her heart or even lifelong friendship. 

Haley stardew valley

Haley’s Schedule

Her habits keep on changing every month. So you can start from the spring season. During the spring, you can mostly find her spending some time near the community Centre. There, she keeps comparing at the fountain which looks whimsical. You can easily meet her from 12:20 PM to 4:30 PM and avail a chance to get to know her better. Mostly, she’s found at her place trying new recipes and cooking all the time. On Mondays, you can find her other Marnie’s Ranch in the noon time where she goes to the south to click some pictures. It’s a perfect place to meet her by the riverside and initiate a conversation.

When the summer season arrives, Stardew Valley Haley is found to enjoy the beach starting from 11:50 AM to 1:30 PM. She is found to be on the upper left corner and chill along the Alex’s ice cream stand. If you are still unsure of where the location is, you may also visit the library and find this place right next to that. You can easily find her at home on Wednesdays. 

Talking about the fall season, she enjoys the fountain views until the clock ticks at 4:30 PM. Usually, on Mondays, you can avail of a great chance to meet her by the riverside. And on Tuesdays again, she’s found at home.

During the winter season, Haley stays at home all day long. You can either find her in the living room, kitchen, or any room.

Make sure that you do not forget her behavior will constantly change if it snows or starts raining. Particularly, at this hour, she prefers to stay at home.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Haley Edition

If you have thought, to become great friends with Haley, or if you want to be her lover, it is the rule in the Stardew Valley that you need to give her gifts. There is a minimum limit of at least two gates that you can gift her every week. However, when it‘s her birthday scheduled, even if you have already given her a gift, you still must gift her an extra birthday present.

All gifts have different effects, such as they may or may not increase your friendship with the concerned person. You can either on friendship points or she will just appreciate your gift by giving you some points. And when there is a bad gift, you will have an equally negative impact on the relationship. Make sure that you do not forget the birthday cares as that will multiply your friendship by 8X. So, try choosing your present precisely and very carefully. Her birthday falls on the 14th of the spring, so make sure that you take a note of the same.

Just like any other villager, she may or may not like your gift. In some stuff, she can also be neutral. However, she loves all the gates from the Universal Loves category. Except, the Prismatic Shard is something that she loathes to heart. In case, you are thinking to impress her; you can gift her the following things:

  •  Sunflower, 
  • Fruit Salad, 
  • Coconut, or 
  • Pink Cake.

She also prefers all the gifts from Universal Likes but Vegetables. Capitals in March appreciated by all. Make sure that you do not give to the universal dislikes such as –

  • Milk, 
  • Eggs, 
  • Vegetables, and 
  • Fruit.
  • Common Mushroom, along with chanterelles, 
  • Hazelnut, 
  • Quartz, 
  • Winter Root, 
  • Morel, 
  • Snow Yam, 
  • Leek, 
  • Dandelion, 
  • Holly, and Purple Mushroom.

Do not gift her: Haley Wild Horseradish, Clay or Prismatic Shard, as well as Universal Hates and Fish.

Haley heart Events

You can start off from the to heart event. Visit her at her home when she is constantly fighting with Emily about the cleansing of the cushions. You can also tell her that it can be her weekly job and get ready to gain +30 friendship points.

Yet another four-heart event takes place at her home. In this event, she cannot open the jar so if you help her out you are ready to avail another 30 points.

And if we discuss about the sex hard situation. You can meet her at the beach and you will also hear her saying that it is quite sad that she has missed her grandmother’s bracelet. She’ll be impressed if you say sorry and find that behind a shrub that is right beside the Elliott’s cabin. For the guest, she will give you 50 points and will hug you right after that

For eight hearts with Haley, Stardew Valley has the following scenario. You can meet her at Marnie’s Ranch and take some photos with her. She’ll try to climb on a cow, then she’ll fall, and it will be a lot of fun, so next morning you’ll find a letter from her.

Last but not the least, the 10 heart event takes place at her house. She will also show you the darkroom where she developed all the photos. And if you appreciate her fondness for the room she will ask you what you should to do next. Make sure that you steal the moment by giving her a sweet kiss! We are giving you a secret trick in this, make sure you give her multiple bouquets as she will be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed seeing all of that!

If you read or useful advice, you are bound to get her heart and fun right beside.

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