GTA 6 Will Reportedly Take Place in Modern Version of Vice City

Not long ago, a new report emerged stating that the release date for GTA VI was further away than many fans may have initially expected. Specifically, one insider estimated that Rockstar’s next installment in the popular open-world series wouldn’t end up finally hitting store shelves until 2024 or 2025. ( And while this news was upsetting to many fans, one additional piece of info in the report has proven to at the very least be quite exciting.

According to a new video from Tom Henderson, who is an often-credible video game industry insider, Grand Theft Auto VI will be taking the series back to Vice City in one capacity or another. The popular locale from the entry in the series of the same name was first introduced back in 2002 but hasn’t reappeared in a mainline installment since that time. Henderson says that unlike Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, however, GTA VI will once again be taking place in a modern setting. This is supposed because the developers at Rockstar feel like they have more freedom within the structure of GTA VI to make it modern-day rather than setting it in a specific era such as the 1980s.

GTA Vice city
Image Credit: Comicbook

In case this sounds like a familiar report to you, well, there’s a reason for that. Speculation has been quite rife over the past year that GTA VI is going to return to Vice City in some manner. Some fans have even believed that Rockstar Games itself is even teasing that it will be taking the franchise back to Vice City. So while what Henderson has said here isn’t something that is wholly new information, the fact that it’s now something he has corroborated independently is quite notable and shows that there is some potential truth to the rumors.

Sadly, even if all of this information does end up being true, we likely won’t see anything related to GTA VI for quite a long time. To tide fans over until the game’s reveal, however, Rockstar is releasing a next-gen version of GTA V later this year on November 11 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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