How to Find a Song By Humming? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

Do you find it difficult to remember the tune that’s stuck in your head? What if we told you that all you had to do to locate the song was hum it out? Humming can be a difficult way to find a song, but if you are consistent or know a few words, you can find the tune quickly.

This post is for you if you want to use your humming to find music. Continue reading to see a list of websites and applications that let you search for any music by humming!

How to Find a Song By Humming?

By humming a song three different ways, you can find it. The first technique involves identifying melodies using the Google app’s machine-learning capability.

In the event that you are unable to access the Google app, you may still rely on websites or apps from third parties. Finally, you might try humming the song aloud to other users in online communities or groups to see if they can assist you in locating it.

Using Google App

find a song by humming

A ground-breaking function that allows Google App to identify music by only humming it has been implemented. This feature is compatible with all smartphones.

Another option is to take advantage of Google Assistant. To activate this feature, say “Hey Google, what song is this?” with your voice. Unfortunately, the PC version of this function is not yet available.

Currently, Google’s music identification is limited to 20 languages. Google might therefore be unable to recognize music in other languages. To locate a match, you have to sing a song for ten to fifteen seconds. Finding a song doesn’t also require having a perfect pitch. In a similar vein, eliminate background noise for better song matches.

  1. Open the Google app on your mobile device.
  2. Press the microphone next to the search field.
  3. To search for a song, tap the option.
  4. Whistle, hum, or sing a little portion of the song.
  5. For the music, Google will locate the match or suggest possible matches.
  6. One by one, tap and listen to the matches to find the song you’re looking for.

Using Third-Party Apps and Websites

A number of unaffiliated applications and websites allow you to identify music by humming it. Please exercise caution when using third-party websites or apps since they may result in security problems for your devices.

Many programs, such as SoundHound, Shazam, and Musixmatch, can assist in finding the music by humming. There is a free and premium version of this speech and audio recognition software available. It is available on iOS and Android.

Speaking of websites, AHA Music is the best place to hum along to discover the name of a song. In a similar vein, Wat Zat Music is an online service that lets you record or upload audio clips of yourself humming along with the music you’re looking for. After you publish your recording, someone who doesn’t know the music can react and tell you what it is.

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Alternate Option

There are online communities or groups whose sole purpose is to assist users in finding the tunes they’re looking for. On one of those networks, you can publish a need for assistance from strangers.

People can find songs on the Reddit app by visiting subreddits like r/NameThatSong and r/TipOfMyTongue. Comparably, on Facebook, several groups like Which song is this? have been established to assist users in finding the tunes.

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Alternative Methods that Won’t Work


find a song by humming

The ability to recognize a song by humming is not yet available on Spotify. However, you can search for the music by entering its lyrics thanks to its real-time lyrics feature.


find a song by humming

Humming the music won’t help you find it. I can tell when a song is playing on Siri, but it can’t tell when someone is humming at the moment.

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