Destiny 2: Everything you want to know about Mindbender’s Ambition Legendary Shotgun

Mindbender’s Ambition is quite possibly the most well-known Nightfall weapons in Destiny 2. With a divine being move, it becomes an incredibly serious Shotgun in Crucible, fit for blasting away opponents. For players that need to get Mindbender’s Ambition, realizing how to cultivate it and what rolls to pay special mind to will be significant. 

Mindbender’s Ambition outline 

Accessible from The Hollowed Lair Nightfall Strike, Mindbender’s Ambition is a Legendary Shotgun that packs a punch. Offering a high Impact rating, it’s ready to one-shot a huge number once you’re inside the adequate reach limits. This is an exceptionally sought-after Nightfall exclusive weapon, so ensure you set aside the effort to cultivate it (notes on that beneath). 

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Destiny 2 Mindbender’s Ambition perks 

In the event that you don’t get the curated version of Mindbender’s Ambition, a divine being roll may contain Smoothbore, Accurized Rounds, Slideshot, and Quickdraw. 

Because Mindbender’s Ambition does suffer from short reach, any perks that supplement this shortcoming are ideal. 

Rifled Barrel or Full Choke are the favored barrel perks. These perks expand the reach or diminish the pellet spread, permitting you to secure kills from additional away or increase the probability of every one of your shots arrival. For the magazine perks, Accurized Rounds is a champ, or Light Mag, as these are the solitary two that broaden the Range of the Shotgun. 

The last two perks are somewhat more open for difference. A divine being move Mindbender’s Ambition will accompany Opening Shot and Rampage, bearing the cost of you a considerable amount of reach on the initial salvo. In any case, in case you’re not fortunate enough to get the curated move, pay special mind to Slideshot and Quickdraw. 

Here are the detailed stats related to Destiny 2 Mindbender’s ambition:

Curated Roll:

Intrinsic: Aggressive Frame

Hard-hitting, high recoil. Increases rate of fire after kill.

Barrel: Rifled Barrel

Ranged shotgun barrel.

  • Increases range
  • Greatly decreases handling speed

Magazine: Steady Rounds

This magazine is optimized for recoil control.

  • Greatly increases stability 
  • Slightly decreases range

Trait 1: Opening Shot

Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.

Trait 2: Rampage

Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

Random Rolls:


Aggressive Frame: Hard-hitting, high recoil. Increases rate of fire after kill.


Rifled Barrel: Ranged shotgun barrel.

  •  Increases range
  • Greatly decreases handling speed

Smoothbore: Smooth shotgun barrel. Greatly increases range at the cost of more projectile spread.

Smallbore: Dual strength barrel.

  • Increases range
  • Increases stability

Barrel Shroud: Balanced shotgun barrel.

  • Increases stability
  • Increases handling speed

Corkscrew Rifling: Balanced barrel. 

  • Slightly increases range and stability
  • Slightly increases handling speed

Full Choke: Tightened barrel. Reduces projectile spread when aiming down sights at the cost of precision damage.


Assault Mag: This shotgun’s magazine is optimized for quick combat.

Greatly increases stability

Increases rate of fire

Appended Mag: This weapon’s magazine is built for higher capacity.

Increases magazine size

Tactical Mag: This weapon has multiple tactical improvements.

  • Slightly increases stability
  • Increases reload speed
  • Slightly increases magazine size

Extended Mag: This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower.

  • Greatly increases magazine size
  • Greatly decreases reload speed

Steady Rounds: This magazine is optimized for recoil control.

  • Greatly increases stability 
  • Slightly decreases range

Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances.

Increases range

Light Mag: Improved reload and range.

  • Increases reload speed
  • Slightly increases range

Trait 1:

Slideshot: Sliding partially reloads this weapon’s magazine and temporarily boosts range and stability.

Threat Detector: Increased reload, stability, and handling when enemies are in close proximity.

Snapshot Sights: Faster time to aim down sights.

Pulse Monitor: Auto-reloads part of the magazine when wielder is critically wounded.

Trait 2:

Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

Quickdraw: This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.

Moving Target: Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.

Auto-Loading Holster: The holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time.

How to cultivate Destiny 2 Mindbender’s Ambition 

Destiny 2 Mindbender's Ambition: Thegamedial

Back in Destiny 1, Nightfall exclusive weapons could be cultivated using a withering technician. Since rewards are dropped from the Strike chest, resetting the boss experience is not, at this point an alternative. Foknowr those that need to cultivate Mindbender’s Ambition, the solitary decision is older style tolerance and time. 

Despite the rumors and myths gliding about the web, your chances of getting a Nightfall exclusive weapon don’t increase with a high score. Regardless of whether you score 100,000 or 4,000 points, you still have the same odds of getting Mindbender’s Ambition. This means you should kill each one of those pesky modifiers, eliminate the impairment, and just rush through The Hollowed Lair as fast as you can. 

Makes this specific Strike so frustrating that The Fanatic spends most of its time insusceptible. There’s very little you can do about this. Attempt and blast down its wellbeing when possible using high burst-harm weapons. Liar’s Handshake and Emperor Courtesy is a superb decision, as are any of the best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2. 

The principle issue with this Nightfall will deal with the adds that spawn during the boss battle. Supers make short work of them, specifically lower tree Dawnblade, a Nightstalker using Tether, and Striker Titan. 

To speed up the cultivating of Mindbender’s Ambition, collaborate with similar players that are also hoping to cultivate the gun.


This is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Mindbender’s Ambition. After taking a look at the stats of the gun, you can decide whether you want to farm for this gun. Hopefully, our guide helped you in making up your find and you can make a sound decision about the same to enjoy playing Destiny 2.

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